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The following is an Athens Messenger newspaper article from Sunday, July 2nd 1967 entitled "Writer Attends UFO Conclave."

The Athens Messenger Sunday, July 2nd 1967 (Pt Pleasant WV)

Writer Attends UFO Conclave

Editors Note: Mary Hyre, Point Pleasant correspondent for The Messenger, has written many stories in the past eight months about UFO sightings in the Mason County area. Last week she attended a UFO watchers' convention in New York City. In this story, she describes her experiences.)


Point Pleasant Correspondent

Last Saturday night I was invited by John A. Keel, a well known writer, to appear with him on the Long John Nebel radio show on NBC which has an endless parade of saucer personalities.

A strange woman also appeared on the show who claimed she was Miss Venus from the planet Venus.

Others on this show who questioned Miss Venus for over four hours were sports broadcaster Mel Allen, the popular radio and TV personality Art Ford and writers of New York papers. While none believed her story, it did leave everyone baffled just who she was and where she came from. She also appeared at the UFO convention the next day. This is the story she told and some of the questions she was asked.

Miss Venus claimed she came to Earth on Sept 27th, seven years ago as double for a girl who committed suicide on that date and has lived with the girl's parents, who are not aware that she is not their daughter. She has worked at various jobs using the other girls name and Social Security number, which she would not reveal because she said she didn't want to hurt the parents.

Came by Saucer

I asked Miss Venus how she came to Earth and she said by a flying saucer, but they call it the swoop, and landed not far from New York.

She claims that there are 15,000 Venusians here on Earth to redevelop people and enlighten the "love", and that she has a task to awaken people.

When asked why she had waited seven years to make herself known she said it had taken that long to do some of the work that had to be done. She claims she had to live the life of the people here on Earth. She said she is 27 years old, Earth years, and 54 years by Venus count.

She was asked to speak something in Venusian, but said that no one would know if she was speaking it or not, but did write what she claimed was the writing of a Venusian.

In describing life on Venus, she said there is no crime, no money, no pain, no time, no greedy people and all live by the power of thinking. She said they do no eat meat, only vegetables and fruit, There are no wars nor poverty according to her. They have baseball, but only play five innings. She said they have many of the same things we do.

She answered some of the questions very quickly and at other times she would study the question or rather had a look of amazement and didn't appear to understand what they were talking about. She was really questioned, but always came back to the part of love and that there is only one God.

A Great Planet

Miss Venus said the Earth is a great planet, but the people are lost here and that the Venusians will help them. In answer to Mel Allen's question about transportation, she said they travel by horse, camel and walking.

In a personal interview with her Sunday I asked if she thought we would ever go to Venus, and she replied no. She also said the she will not go back to Venus, but will die on earth. I asked her if she was sad because she had left Venus and she said no, that everything was controlled by the mind there and she is happy to help others.

In a question and answer period at the UFO convention she said she wouldn't want people to believe immediately who she was, and she did not care if they believed as she only cared who they were. She said there is only one mind and if you let go and believe in one mind you will not be rich, but you will live by nature and love.

She also noted that in living the life of earth people a few years after she arrived she was tempted to commit suicide, but the power of thinking kept her from it.

When I left New York it was still a mystery where she came from, but efforts were being made to find out just who she was.

Attractive Visitor

She was very attractive with beautiful black hair. Her eyes were the most weird part about her. She was very small.

The convention was New York's first flying saucer convention, the 1967 Congress of Scientific Ufologists, and many talks were given by noted authors. West Virginia was mentioned several times as being an area of UFO's.

Also on display was a replica of "The Monster" which has been in the Point Pleasant area several times. Also on display was what is known as "angel hair" that was found in Mason County.

Among the speakers were Gray Barker of Clarksburg, well known in this area and an author of UFO books who told of many UFO sightings in West Virginia.

Art Ford, one of the best known radio and TV personalities of the West Coast, told of Flight 19 then five Navy planes vanished and not even the government could give a reason.

Keel, who has talked with hundreds of people in his research of UFO sightings; and Dr. Gordan Evans, who is an assistant professor of economics at the New York State University, also spoke.

Howard Menger, who is the most famous of East Coast flying saucer contactees, spoke and James Randi, who is considered by all the subject to be the greatest magician and "escape artist" since Houdini showed a film of unusual and unknown tracing of the earth of South America. Another speaker was Ivan Sanderson, one of the world's leading naturalists. Dr. Frank Stranges, a member of the international Platform Association and Washington Association for Social Psychology also spoke.

Roy Thinnes, star of the ABC television series "The Invaders", was on the program at each session. Thinnes has seen a UFO.

The speakers all say that there is some type of "phenomen[on]" but just what it is [is] not known, but it is hoped that the answer will soon be known.

James Moseley, editor and publisher of Saucer News, was the director of the convention.