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Winged Humanoid Sightings In Singapore

In 2015, Reports came in from people in Singapore, Malaysia of a mysterious winged creature. There were five known sightings from August 31st 2015 to September 19th 2015.

 List Of Known Sightings:
1 . Mildred Wan, Singapore, August 28th 2015 
2 . Alice Yimdale, Singapore, August 30th 2015
3 . Fergus Waffles, Singapore, August 31st 2015 
4 . Lea Foo, Kuala Lumpu Malaysia, September 1st 2015 
5 . Fergus Thomas, Singapore, September 19th 2015

Mildred Wan's Sighting:


Control tower at the Changi airport.

In Singapore, August 28th 2015, A 19-year-old claims he saw a winged humanoid in broad daylight in eastern Singapore. College student Mildred Wan said on Tuesday that he was scouting the location for a student film at an abandoned hospital near Changi. The area of Changi is home to an air and naval base and a prison formerly used as a WWII POW camp.

“I was walking out of the hospital doors having explored the surroundings,” he told Cryptozoology News. While I was inside, I had heard a noise which was similar to a large monkey rustling around the tree tops.”

Wan says what happened next was “one of the most terrifying experiences” of his life.

“As I left the building, I saw the creature. It appeared to be halfway up one of the trees with huge wings stretched out from its body, which appeared to be mostly human.”

Changi prison, Singapore

Then, says the student, the “animal” emitted a “high-pitched shriek” so he ran away in order to get out of the area. “I felt as if the creature was hunting me, or else was surprised to see me in its territory. It seemed to look in my direction before I ran off. When I turned around, it had completely disappeared,” he explained.

Wan described the creature as a 6-feet-tall winged humanoid covered by a black “leathery skin”. Its head was rounded and looked “vaguely humanoid” although, he explains, it had a nose and a mouth that appeared to be full of “sharp fang teeth”.

“I was unable to see its eyes properly because it only appeared for a short amount of time. I have never seen any other animal or human like it,” said Wan.

He says that even though he had a camera with him due to the work he was doing for the future film, by the time the humanoid being showed up he had already packed his equipment.

The student’s claims were reported on September 1st 2015, one day after a Singapore teacher reported seeing a similar creature while walking his dog near Istana Woodneukthree. The teacher's sighting takes place days after Wan’s alleged sighting. The teacher maintained that the creature looked like the infamous “Mothman”.


[Sep 2 2015]

Alice Yimdale's Sighting:

A woman claims she saw a creature that looked like a “tall man with wings” at an abandoned house in Singapore.

54-year-old avid birdwatcher Alice Yimdale said she was looking for birds near Dempsey Hill when she spotted the being inside the abandoned building on August 30th 2015.

“It was 2:30 p.m. when my husband and I went to the forest looking for birds, I do love a good bird watching session,” she told Cryptozoology News. “This is why My husband and I live in Singapore, a hub of beautiful birds. We like this place because, unlike our house, it is quiet and tranquil.”

Yimdale reports that as they came near an empty building, she heard a “loud fluttering noise”.

“I was confused, so I decided to investigate… this is when I came across the thing.”

The woman said the being looked like a tall man with an “enormous” wingspan. “I’d say around 9 to 10 feet. My husband says it was longer,” she explains. “It had a very thin body.”

Reportedly, the creature appeared to be barely moving and could have been a male or a female. The couple maintained they had never seen anything like it before and that the 3-minute-long sighting was a “big scary but exciting”.

Cryptozoology News asked the birdwatchers regarding the lack of photographic evidence of the alleged incident but there was not an immediate response. This is is the third winged humanoid sighting in Singapore reported in the same week. The other two sightings were of a student and teacher who saw the creature.

Source(s): [Sep 6 2015]

Fergus Waffles's Sighting:


A path leads to an abandoned mansion in Istana Woodneuk.

A teacher in Singapore says he saw a “winged humanoid” inside an abandoned house. Fergus Waffles, a 46-year-old geography teacher at a Singapore school,said that he was walking his dog in the Istana Woodneuk area when he spotted the alleged creature early in the morning of August 31st 2015.

The Area, Istana Woodneuk, is an abandoned royal palace originally owned by Johor Sultan Abu Bakar ibni Daing Ibrahim, and is considered a “haunted area” by the locals.

“I was walking in the woods with my dog near an abandoned house at about 5:50 a.m.,” Waffles told Cryptozoology News. “I peered inside the window of the house and saw what appeared to be a winged humanoid hanging from a door frame. My dog saw the creature and remained completely still and silent while staring in its direction,” he added. 


A bathtub inside a building in Istana Woodneuk.

Waffles claims the humanoid was still with just its chest “moving up and down as if it were breathing”.

“I was very startled at first, but the creature didn’t notice me because as soon as I saw it I took cover behind a nearby bush.” The teacher said the unknown being was about 6 feet tall with an approximated 10-foot wingspan.

“It was hard to tell because the wings were wrapped around its body, similar to a sleeping bat,” he said. “It was black and had webbed wings similar to a bat. It had a human head but slightly more round and it had hair. It was like the Mothman.” The encounter reportedly took about 15 seconds before the man left the area but the moment loomed large in his memory as terrifying events often do.


[Aug 31 2015]

Lea Foo's Sighting:


An Abandoned Mansion in Bukit Tunku.

In Kuala Lumpu, A woman on reported that she was startled by something that looked like a person with “bat wings” in the capital of Malaysia.

Lea Foo, a 27-year-old freelance journalist, told Cryptozoology News that she was in the residential area of Bukit Tunku when she had a close encounter with the creature on Tuesday September 1st 2015.

Bukit Tunku,  formerly known as Bukit Kenny or Kenny Hill, is considered by residents and paranormal investigators one of the top haunted places in Malaysia.

“I was contracted by a local paranormal magazine to write an article regarding Pontianaks, or the ghostly spirits of women who died during childbirth. A particular abandoned house is well known to be haunted by these ghosts,” Foo explained, who also claims to have worked as a holistic therapist prior to starting her journalistic career. “However, I ended up sighting something completely different,” she continued.

The woman says that as she walked deeper into the building, she heard a “dry rustling noise” coming from the room ahead. With the help of a flashlight, she reportedly ventured into the room to find out the source of the ruckus.

“I was terrified by what I saw. There were two glowing red eyes, staring back at me. Then it began screeching shrilly, bolted up, expanded its huge wings, and jerked its head menacingly towards me.”

Foo claims she was so frightened that she dropped her flashlight and couldn’t see much as she managed to hide in a corner.

“At this point, it was pitch black. I kept quiet… I could hear the heavy breathing of this creature. I heard a flapping noise and felt a huge gust of wind. After I was sure that I couldn’t hear breathing and that the creature was gone, I stood up and ran out of the house,” she recalls.

She reported that the sighting lasted about two minutes but she wasn’t able to use her camera at the time. “Yes, I was too frightened to think of recording the creature. I did notice a foul stench, like the smell of a rotting carcass.”

Foo said the creature had “the frame of a man”, with two legs and two arms, and stood at about 10 feet tall. Its body, she says, was covered in a black leathery skin.“It had enormous wings, like the wings of a bat, but larger. It was extremely thin and sinewy and its eyes were human-shaped, but glowed red in light,” said Foo.


[Sep 10 2015]

Fergus Thomas's Sighting:


Outside Istana Woodneuk

A 46-year-old teacher said Tuesday he came across two small winged humanoids in Singapore, just a month later after claiming to have seen a similar creature in the same area of Istana Woodneuk, an abandoned royal palace originally owned by Johor Sultan Abu Bakar ibni Daing Ibrahim.

Fergus Thomas, who teaches geography at a school in the southernmost tip of continental Asia and had previously used a nickname to report another sighting, told Cryptozoology News he was coming back to the same location where he had claimed to have spotted the creature in late August when he came across the two little creatures on Saturday, September 19th 2015.

“I reported my first sighting under a pseudonym in order to protect my identity. I had returned to the site of my original sighting once again, but what I saw was much more than I had expected,” he said. “I looked into the window of the abandoned house that I visited when I first saw [the creature] and what I saw was what appeared to be a pair of Mothman-like creatures,” he added. 


Inside Istana Woodneuk

Reportedly, he observed the beings handling “sticks” and “rocks” scattered on the ground in what appeared to be some sort of game. “They seemed to be ‘playing’,” he explains. “It seemed like they were also attempting to fly, however it seemed they were not yet fully developed enough to have acquired this skill.”

Thomas reports the sighting lasted about 3 minutes as it was interrupted by a “distant shrill scream” he believes was an adult winged creature. “I heard the rusting of leaves… the scream seemed inhuman.”

He described the small creatures has being about 3 feet tall and having a wingspan of approximately 4 feet. He did not provide further details about their physical appearance, such as skin color, eyes or head shape.

But, despite it being the second alleged encounter, Thomas claims he was unable to gather photographic evidence because he had “made the mistake of not bringing a camera” and that he “does not own a mobile phone”.

“I will attempt to return and see if I can acquire photographic evidence at a later stage,” Thomas said.

Southeast Asia seems to have become a hot spot for reported winged creature sightings this month (September 2015). Just two weeks ago, a woman said she had seen a creature that looked like a “tall man with wings” at an abandoned house in Singapore. Four days later, another woman claimed she had encountered something that looked like a person with “bat wings” in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia.


[Sep 22 2015]


Other reported sightings from CryptozoologyNews :

Reported 'Mothman' Sighting In Point Pleasant 2010


Point Pleasant, West Virginia

A 16-year-old student from Tennessee told Cryptozoology News on that he was visiting a friend in Point Pleasant, a West Virginian town with a population of 4,000, when they were startled by a creature that they believed to be the Mothman. The event took place back in 2010.

The student provided his full name but it was omitted as per the standard code of journalism ethics regarding disclosure of the identity of a minor.

“I was spending the night with a friend,” said the Kenton, Tennessee resident. “We both saw a black figure outside the house, standing in the road. I thought it was a giant owl of some sort,” he added.

The two friends were “hiding behind a window” and “constantly peeking out” to see if the creature was still there. “It would not go away,” the witness explained.

After a while, he says, they decided to go out of the house “with a baseball bat” and “yelled at it”, but the alleged beast emitted a “loud, ear-deafening screech” and flew away.

The eyewitness said the creature was about 7 feet tall, “jet black” and with an owl-like face featuring dark red glowing eyes.

“It had no fur, only skin. The wingspan was of at least 6 or 7 feet across.”

The Tennessee student says he has “told a few people” about his “Mothman encounter” but that, so far, the feedback has been negative. “They said that I was crazy,” he said.

 Source(s): 2010


Will Davis, Hank Miller and Susan Miller's Winged Humanoid Sighting 2013

In Oregon, Three people in Portland saw an unknown winged creature Monday evening standing on the Interstate Bridge. Will Davis, Hank and Susan Miller claim they were driving over the bridge in two different cars when they noticed the strange shape.

Davis, 45, is a janitor and was driving home at the time of the encounter. He says the “figure looked like an angel” and that it was sitting on top of the green structure. The Interstate Bridge, built in 1917, serves as a connection point for traffic between Portland and Vancouver over the Columbia river.

“Never seen anything like that,” says Davis. “It was sitting right there, I saw it right before I drove into the bridge. Spooky stuff. It was big, I don’t know how big but it wasn’t a bird. I saw arms and legs.”

The Millers were driving ahead of Davis and about to come out of the bridge when the creature took off. The couple claim that the animal exhibited a 12-foot wingspan. "I was still looking back trying to find out what it was, on top of the bridge, by the mid section. It flew right in front of us, into the right side of the river,” says Susan, 29.

“Hank was driving and I tell him, ‘hey, look out, what the heck is that?’ He saw it too, but I was able to see it much better than him for sure, since he was the one driving. Whatever it was, it was big. At first I thought it was a prank, or just a city worker fixing something over the bridge. I’m telling Hank ‘why would they have a worker this late in the evening? Isn’t it kind of dangerous?’  Until it began flying. I reached for my phone inside my purse but the thing wasn’t there anymore. It looked like an angel. I didn’t see its face, but I could make out a tail, even from far away. The body was black.”

“She says it was the Mothman,” interrupts Hank Miller, mocking his wife. “I laugh, but I saw it too. I saw a shape, not much to be seen honestly, but I assure you there was something flying, and it was huge. It looked like a man, a man with wings. Tons of artists in Portland…you never know.”

Sightings of unknown flying creatures are reported throughout the year. The majority of these reports are the result of misidentified birds. Owls, bats and even small planes are to blame.

In 1966, a newspaper wrote about a similar incident that happened in Point Pleasant, West Virginia. The Point Pleasant Register reported that five men at a cemetery, and a few days later, two couples, witnessed the ominous red-glowing creature. It has since become a favorite topic among the supernatural community and is now part of the pop culture. In 1975, John Keel popularized the flying humanoid on his book The Mothman Prophecies. Decades later, a film based on the book and protagonized by Richard Gere was released in Hollywood.


[Dec 18 2013]


Marie's Flying Creature Sighting 2013


Marie uses a fly swatter as a scale to compare the “Swift Peter” footprints.

In Tate county, a 51-year-old woman named Marie that claims to work for the federal government says that she was sleeping on the couch in the living room when she was startled by an unidentified bipedal flying creature standing by the window of her house during a storm in northwest Mississippi. She photographed a series of footprints she believes belong to the being. Marie claims to work for the federal government. The sighting occurred near Arkabutla Lake.

“It was around 11 p.m. The storm knocked-off the electric from 8:30 p.m. until 1:30 a.m,” she said. “I could not rest because it was hot, sticky and just uncomfortable. I could hear some dogs causing a big disturbance. Then a different set of dogs barking and causing a ruckus just a bit closer. Then it started with dogs just down the road, even closer,” she said about the summer of 2013 encounter.

“I could not see anything. I went back to the couch to lie down. As I was attempting to rest, I literally saw and felt a shadow cover the window that was blacker than the black inside and outside the house. It startled me so badly that I immediately grabbed for the flashlight convinced that someone was standing outside the window peering in at me. Nothing. Now, it could not have been a neighbor since the nearest one is at least two acres away and no one else in the house was up. I verified that. It was a shadow that covered the window that was darker than the dark. we are in a small rural community.  No one is out walking at night. No street lights. I immediately became fearful, my heart racing. I knew something was out there.”

The creature, the federal employee states, was “large and could fly”. She says she believes it was a Mothman-like creature known by the local folk as 'The Swift Peter'.

“My grandparents used to talk about it. Supposedly, 'The Swift Peter' was some type of unseen creature that would attack or kill all of the dogs in the vicinity at night in a rapid fashion,” explains Marie.

“My grandfather had coon hounds. He would often tell me stories about when he would go hunting at  night and something unseen would go past him and attack the dogs. Once, he said it went up a tree, but he could not see it even though he had a  lantern. He said it really scared him and it took him a while before he went hunting again alone at night. When my grandfather said it scared him, I took notice because he was a man that was not afraid of anything and did not joke around.”

The following day, Marie and her family discovered a set of 7-toed footprints of the flying visitor.

“My  mother was the first to see the footprints and she called me over. At first I too thought it was a dog but I noticed like an arch, ridge and heel. The tracks seemed to come  from nowhere and disappeared. It had rained so much, the night prior it was muddy.  The tracks were beneath a plum tree, but no tracks led up to it and they disappeared unexpectedly.  It seemed as if it landed, took a few steps, and flew off.”

She says she is “very familiar” with the local wildlife and that she wasn’t able to match the tracks to any known animal’s. And she thinks that the purported apparition could be, somehow, linked to the storm. “I do not know why but I just do.”

Marie, who asked to remain anonymous given the nature of his work and the small size of the community where she lives, hopes that someone can help her identify the photographed footprints.

creature-claims-hyenas-living-mississippi-state/ 2013


K. Brown's "Mothman-like" Sighting 2014

A strange creature sighting by a family in Greeley Colorado left them worried there could be more of it to come. Their sighting was published on March 10th 2014. K. Brown, Age 73, was helping his son clean the attic Saturday when a strange happening allegedly took place.

“I had just climbed up in the attic, my son was on top of the ladder in the garage watching me through the door, when I saw a big thing moving around. At first I thought it was a big rat, but that was no rat,” he told Cryptozoology News.

The man claims a long, tall, dark figure moved in front of him as he stepped into the darkness. “Yeah, it was dark, I know, but I had a flashlight with me. I heard a sound, similar to chattering teeth around me, and steps, they certainly sounded like human steps to me. As I point the light at it, I call my son to hurry and come in to see for himself,” he said.

When Brown’s son purportedly rushed through the attic’s door, he didn’t know what to expect.

“I thought he was joking,” explained the 42-year-old landscaper. “I imagined he was playing with me, pulling my leg you know? The thing is when I came inside and saw that thing standing there, well, I thought it was one of those halloween dolls hanging in there. I told my dad to stop playing and help me clean the place but that thing moved on its own…it was crawling like a baby, then it tried to stand up and as it touched the ceiling, it ran through the wall and disappeared. We noticed a big hole on the wall that wasn’t there before, but there is no exit to the outside. There is a portion of the wall that’s shallow.” 

The two men agreed the creature was about 7-feet long, thin and with smooth dark skin.

“Well I mean it was crouched down, but we estimated it was about 7-ft long. I saw some sort of arms and hands, both very long, and the hands had tons of fingers and claws. Reminded me of that movie with the Mothman…” the younger man said. “When my dad pointed the light on its face, it started moving its mouth, which was tiny, with little teeth like a piranha, and ran away. I noticed the eyes were completely dark and had no pupil or nothing. Pitch black, maybe because the light was hurting it.”

The creature reportedly emitted a high pitched sound before fleeing. The men claim they looked inside the hole “but there wasn’t anything to be found in there.”

“It was like a short tunnel, and it went down the house. I don’t know any bird or raccoons that make tunnels like that on thick walls. We haven’t heard anything there anymore, but we are kind of concerned it’d come back,” said the home owner. They said there wasn’t any evidence left at the scene. Owls are usually misidentified and produce similar sounds.

Source(s): Mar 10 2014


Winged Humanoid Sighting on Taurid Meteor Shower 2015

A man from Normal, Illinois claims to have seen a flying headless humanoid during the Taurid Meteor. "It was like Mothman" he said.

The Taurids are an annual meteor shower associated with the comet Encke. They are named after their radiant point in the constellation Taurus, where they are seen to come from in the sky. Because of their occurrence in late October and early November, they are also called Halloween fireballs.

The city of Normal, initially named North Bloomington, has a population of 53,000 and is home to the Central Illinois Regional Airport.

The anonymous man said that he was outside his home in McLean County getting ready to watch the Taurid meteor shower on November 2015 at around 12 a.m. when the unidentified being showed up.

“I turned out the lights in the house so it would get dark,” he wrote. “I waited for about 5 or 10 minutes and I saw my first fireball.”

The man then said he grabbed a comfortable chair and a soft drink and sat there expecting to see more.

“But I saw only one or two small ones.”

He was reportedly about to lose interest in the annual astronomical event and go back inside the house when he suddenly noticed “something” coming toward him.

“Couldn’t make out what it was. Not knowing what it was or what to expect, I started to get a better look at this thing, but my mind and eyes wouldn’t let me accept what I was seeing. It glided straight over my porch with roof, so I jumped up and ran to south end of porch. Waiting for it to come on over there.”

The Illinois resident, who claims he regularly pilots a small piston-powered aircraft,  said the strange object was about 20 feet wide and that it had “something hanging down underneath”.

“It had no lights, made no noise, seem to be gliding. I can judge pretty well how high something is, and by judging with that, if it were a plane I could have read the numbers on it,” he said. “I could see it! It seem to adjust for gliding but had no known propulsion. Stayed even keel, same elevation, same speed, same direction.”

He went on to say that what he initially believed to be a flying object was actually “some sort of entity” but, he added, the humanoid, which he compared to the Mothman creature, didn’t have a head.

“I could see the legs and dark brown wings,” he explained.

 Source(s): 2015
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