Mary Hyre was one of the first, and one of the most persistent, to cover Mothman and other strangeness in Point Pleasant.  In her column, “Where The Waters Mingle,” in the Athens, Ohio Messenger, she regularly reported the latest sightings and speculations.

The following is the column from the Athens, Ohio Messengers on Sunday, April 9th 1967:

A retired Mason county school teacher is the latest person to relate a UFO sighting. Wallie Barnett, 77, Point Pleasant Route 2, said when he first sighted the object, he thought it was a plane crashing on the hilltop [near the] back of his home.

The object, about the size of a Volkswagen, came within 60 feet of him. He said it had two red lights about four inches in diameter in front. In the back, there were several little white lights that looked as if they were doing a square dance.

Barnett reported that when it came near him, it appeared to have windows with lights, but as the object got closer, the lights went out. He went around his dog house to get a closer look, but it disappeared suddenly.

He had gone into the yard when he heard his dogs barking. The object hovered in front of the dog kennel for a short period.

John Keel of New York, who is making a study of UFOs, and who has been in this area for about three weeks talking to area persons who have reported strange sightings, made one of his own.

About 1:35 a.m. on April 3, he was in the Gallipolls Ferry area when he saw a large object descend behind some trees for about 10 seconds, and then disappear into a ravine.

Keel said the most prominent light was one of a brilliant green, but it had a red light on top, and also had bright lights that looked like portholes. He said it appeared very suddenly and was no more than 100 or 150 feet from him.

He and members of the sheriff's department went into the area the next day with a geiger counter, but they unable to find anything.

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