Mary Hyre was one of the first, and one of the most persistent, to cover Mothman and other strangeness in Point Pleasant.  In her column, “Where The Waters Mingle,” in the Athens, Ohio Messenger, she regularly reported the latest sightings and speculations.

The following is the columnfrom the Athens, Ohio Messengers on Sunday, March 5th 1967:

POINT PLEASANT - The high water may have been exciting for many people around Point Pleasant, but for some it was something else - something that you couldn't believe that you were seeing.

I was driving south on Viand Street at the intersection of Sixth, along with my husband, Scotty and his sister, Mrs Alice Bradshaw, when I noticed that the boys at the Park Pure Oil Station on the corner were looking upward. As I drove out Sixth Street I told my husband and sister-in-law to look in the sky and see if they could see anything and they saw this strange UFO. I parked in front of the State Theater and along with others watched it travel very slowly southward. There were no sounds.

When we first saw it we could see an outline of a spherical shape with lights on the bottom, It looked very tall with its longest part upward.

Danny Wamsley and Jimmy Mattox who work at the Park Pure Oil Station, and another young man, Archie White, saw it first.

Danny said when he first saw it he thought "What the heck is that thing?". It was about 300 feet above the New York Central Railroad bridge on Seventh Street. He, along with the other men, described it as being a round and shiny looking thing with lights of several different color. When they first saw it, the lights were orange and white. They watched it travel very slowly southward and said it looked like it separated.

Mrs. Dolly Grady of 30th Street, said she had watched a similar UFO on Tuesday night for nearly an hour and said it had different colored lights. We watched it for about 10 minutes.
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