It was November 2nd 1967. Mrs. Virginia Thomas, the sister of Marcella Bennett, was working in her kitchen deep within The TNT Area when she heard a loud squeaking sound she said was unlike anything she had ever heard before in her years there.

"The best was I can describe it, is that it was like a bad fan belt...but much louder." she told reporter Mary Hyre and author John Keel.

"I stepped outside. It seemed to be coming from one of the igloos. Then I saw a huge shadow spreading across the grass. It was just after noon so there shouldn't have been any shadow like that. Then this figure appeared."

"It walked erect like a man, but it was all gray, and it was much bigger than any man I ever saw. It moved very fast across the field and disappeared into the trees. It didn't seem to be walking exactly. It was almost gliding...faster than any man could run."

"It was the hunting season so I knew it wasn't a hunter. No hunter in his right mind would dress in gray. Around here they all wear red coats and red caps. And it wasn't a bear or anything like that. It really scared me."

After her experience, Mrs. Thomas had been plagued by bad dreams. "I see a lot of strange people around the river," she explained. "It's like some kind of invasion or something. They come over the bridge in trucks and they pour into the TNT area. We grab the kids and run. I can't figure out what it means."

John Keel included Virginia Thomas's sighting in his 1975 book, The Mothman Prophecies. The sighting was later listed in The Mothman of Point Pleasant 2017 Documentary.


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The Mothman of Point Pleasant Documentary (2017)
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