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             A mysterious blimp supposedly crashed in the Pt Pleasant WV and
                         Gallipolis OH area in Oct of 1931.

           Witnesses reportedly saw four people in parachutes jumping from the downed 
            vessel but strangely no wreckage or debris was ever found and the 
                             dirigible was never identified. 

              An article entitled "The Blimp That Wasn't There" was written 
               for FATE magazine by Gary S. Mangiacopra and Carl J. Pabst.


The following is a Sunday Star / Evening Star article from Sunday, October 11th 1931 titled "Unidentified Dirigible Reported Down In Blaze In West Virginia"


Unidentified Dirigible Reported Down In Blaze In West Virginia

Searchers Scour Hills for Possible Survivors; Known Craft Accounted For.

By the Associated Press

POINT PLEASANT, W. Va., October 11 (Sunday) - Searchers were penetrating the isolated and woody hills south of here this morning in quest of a dirigible reported to have burst into flames and dropped to the countryside yesterday. Reports by some of the persons who said they saw the airship drop were to the effect that men parachuted from the craft as it broke in two pieces.

Those who said they witnessed the fall of the dirigible were for the most part from Gallipolis Ohio, just across the Ohio River from the objective of the searchers.

Checking in a effort to establish the identity of a craft which might have been in this section failed to bring any definite result. The Goodyear Zeppelin Corporation, at Akron, Ohio, reported all of their blimps accounted for, and various Army posts and the Navy made known their airships were safe.

United States Senator H. D. Hatfield of West Virginia made known at Huntington that he had asked the Navy to send an airship to Huntington on Saturday during the Washington and Jefferson-Marshall College foot ball game, but that the request had been declined. Robert P. Henke, Gallipolis contractor, said he was watching the craft through field glasses when it fell. Dr. and Mrs. Claude Carter of Gallipolis also said they saw the dirigible, which was described as soaring at a height of 300 feet when it dropped.

Dr. Charles E. Holzer, owner of the Gallipolis Airport, said he would send an airplane to aid the search as soon as it was daylight.


The Sunday Star, Washington DC, Oct 11th 1931

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