The NASA Gargoyle. MothMan?

In 1986, Frank Shaw - a NASA archivist at Houston Texas’s Johnson Space Center - returned to his car after his shift when he was confronted by a gargoyle-like figure perched on one of the nearby buildings, staring at him.

Shaw was frozen in fear at the sight of this astounding apparition, which, according to his description was a ghastly jet-black humanoid that seemed to have a large "cape" drapped across its shoulders. It then unfurled its wings, making a crackling noise as it took flight in the powerful howling gust of wind. The sound of the crackling wings seemed to snap him out of stupor and he turned and sprinted towards his vehicle.

At this point, he fumbled with his keys to unlock the door, got into his car and fled home. He was too terrified to even look back to see if he was being pursued by the winged creature.

Unable to forget the encounter, Shaw eventually told his superiors, who revealed that a number of similar sightings had occurred at the center. Shaw's boss revealed that a secret file had been opened on the creature just a few months prior to Shaw's Sighting. The Supervisor stated that the file had been created in respnse to the grusesome death of two of the bases German shephers.  Appearently the corpses of the hideously mutilated canines had been discovered in exactly in the same area where Shaw had seen the gargoyle.

Following his unusual confession, Shaw's story made its way up the chain of command until it apparently came to the attention of some NASA officials who - in classic Men In Black Fashion - decided to interrogate the witness. According to Shaw's Daughter Desiree, her father was intensely grilled by what she reffered to as "NASA securty people who were flown in from somewhere in Arizona" who informed him that it would be in his family's best interest if he kept quiet about the encounter.

The sighting was not revealed until 2004, when Desiree Shaw relayed it to author Nick Redfern. The creature is sometimes referred to as "The NASA Gargoyle" but it also fits the description of MothMan and involves strange officials questioning witnesses and making vauge threats.

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