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Mothmanlives was one of the first, if not the first, websites about the Mothman legend of Point Pleasant, WV. It was created in October 2000 by Jeff Wamsley with the help of his friend Donnie Sergent Jr.

Jeff had already began selling Mothman t-shirt as well as John Keel's book The Mothman Prophecies at the music store that he ran at the time. Donnie Sergent Jr of "Spiderweb 2000 Solutions" did web and graphic design.

The Mothman Prophecies movie had been announced and interest in the film's subject matter was rising. Jeff Wamsley tried to acquire "" as a website but the URL had already been taken in 1997 by a local band. (The Mothman band later went on to play several times at the Mothman Festival)

So, Instead he acquired "Mothmanlives" as the website name. The title implies that the Mothman from West Virginia folklore is still alive and out there somewhere.

"Mothman lives" was written on a rusted TNT area tank seen in the 2002 Search For The Mothman Documentary. It was also written on the guardrail leading the the TNT area bunkers. These graffiti marks were unrelated.

The website offered "The History of The Mothman" as well as Movie News, Festival Coverage and Merchandise. It referred to itself as "The Official Mothman Website" and had the tagline "We know the facts; we live here".

Other online sources later had brief articles or pages about the legend but the Mothmanlives website remained one of the only sites that was solely dedicated to the subject matter, making it the main Mothman website for years. There was even forum for anyone to report their own unofficial sightings.

The History of The Mothman

Mothmanlives featured a several page long recounting of the Mothman folklore from 1966-1967 which included details about local events and locations such as The Silver Bridge Collapse and The TNT Area. This section of the site was entitled "The History of The Mothman".

The following is information from Mothmanlives' "History of The Mothman" :

"In the earlier part of the 1900's, an area outside of Point Pleasant was set up as the McClintic Wildlife Preserve. It was, among other things, designed as a bird sanctuary. During World War II, part of the preserve was ripped up in order to construct about 100 'igloos'. These large mounds of earth were made to be unnoticed from the air. Deep inside each, cement and steel protected the contents : wartime explosives."

"After the war, parts of the preserve were sold off or leased to companies like the Trojan-U.S. Powder Company, the LFC Chemical Company, and American Cyanamid. - All the while, the preserve became known to area residents simply as 'T.N.T.' Its remote location became a popular hangout for local youth 'parking' and partying at T.N.T. became a norm." 

"The Mothman's glowing red eyes were first reported on November 14th, 1966 in Salem, West Virginia. That evening, Newell Partridge was watching television at his home."

"It was about 10:30 that night, and suddenly the TV blanked out. A real fine herringbone pattern appeared on the tube, and at the same time the set started a loud whining noise. It sounded like a generator winding up. The dog was sitting on the end of the porch, howling down toward the hay barn."

"'I shined the [flash]light in that direction, and it picked up two red circles which looked like bicycle reflectors'. 'I certainly know what animal eyes look like, these were much larger.' It's a good length of a football field to that hay barn, still those eyes showed up huge for that distance. 'It was an eerie feeling. I have never had this sort of feeling before. It was if you knew something was wrong, but couldn't place just what it was'."

"Partridge described the intense, morbid fear that swept over him as a 'cold chill'. The dog snarled and ran toward the eyes, but Newell hurried inside. He slept with his shotgun all night. The next day, he and his six-year-old son went searching for the dog, Bandit, a large, muscular German Shepherd."

"'Those tracks were going in a circle, as if the dog had been chasing his tail, though he never did that' 'There were no other tracks of any kind'. Bandit was never seen again."

"At [around] 11:30 the following night (November 15th), a '57 Chevy slowly creeps through the T.N.T. area. Inside are two young couples, Mr. and Mrs. Roger Scarberry and Mr. and Mrs. Steve Mallette. They're looking for friends who might also be out that - night. Their search pauses at the old [north power] plant." 

Linda Scarberry gasps. 'It was shaped like a man, but bigger. Maybe six and a half or seven feet tall. And it had big wings folded against its back' 'But it was those eyes that got us. It had two big eyes like automobile reflectors'

"'They were hypnotic. For a minute, we could only stare at it. I couldn't take my eyes off it.' The creature slowly turned toward the door of the abandoned generator plant. - [Roger] Scarberry slammed on the accelerator pedal, trying to get to the highway. As they sped past a small hill, the creature appeared and took off straight up in the air. The auto skidded out of the exit road onto Route 62"

"[They] were doing one hundred miles an hour and [the] bird kept right up with [them]. It wasn't even flapping its wings[.] It followed the car to near the city limits until the "bird" broke its pursuit. The couples [later] contacted the sheriff's office. 'I've known these kids all their lives. They'd never been in any trouble and they were really scared that night.' [said] Deputy Millard Halstead[. He] was on duty in the Mason County Courthouse that evening. He accompanied the couples back to T.N.T. to find the cause of their fear. 'I was on patrol that night. There was a couple parked up in the T.N.T. area and this big bird - or they called it "the monster" - came up and pecked on their window. Nearly scared the life out of 'em'"

"'They met me up there and we looked around. Now, I couldn't see anything at the time, it was dark' As Halstead switched on his police radio, a loud screech came out of the speaker - a garble, like a tape recording being played at very high speed. Noticeably shaken, the deputy quickly turned off the radio. He left soon after that and reported the incident to his department."

"The next day we had reportings of seeing the same 'bird', they called it, flying near the area. In fact, on the highway, it came down near a car. And just flew over top of the car. And these people were scared also. The following morning, Sheriff George Johnson held a press conference about the sightings. All the witnesses were interviewed by reporters.

"The news story went out that day. As the fervor over the sightings mounted on November 16th, 1966, Mrs. Mary Hyre, editor of the Point Pleasant Register, had it put on the Associated Press wire. The copy editor who sent out the article is reportedly now a professor at Marshall University in Huntington, West Virginia. Since 'Batman' was a popular series at the time, he dubbed the creature 'moth-man'."

"'[Another person who reported a sighting was] Marcella [Bennett], a visitor to the home of Ralph Thomas, then superintendent of the Trojan-U.S. operations in Point Pleasant. Mr. Thomas lived in a bungalow among the igloos of T.N.T. 'I've never had that feeling before. A weird kind of fear. That fear gripped you and held you.' On November 24th, two adults and two children were driving past T.N.T. and reported spotting the Mothman. Inside the preserve, thousands of visitors were streaming in every night - fueled by just such reports. It became a media event. Television crews set up at the old generator plant for a glimpse of the nightmarish creature."

"To add to the confusion, an inordinately large amount of dog disappearances and mutilations were happening in and around T.N.T. One charred carcass was found inside T.N.T., although none of the surrounding earth was burned. It has been speculated that this was the end result of "some secret magical ritual by some unknown local warlock," and that this ritual "brought the Mothman into being."

"Others theorized that the explosives and chemicals [that] had leaked [in The T.N.T area had] inadvertently caused a biochemically-conceived freak of nature. Still others brought up the Curse of Chief Cornstalk. They believed his 200-year spell had conjured up a winged purveyor of terror. The Mothman, in this case, would be the final realization"

"The months passed. The reports continued long into 1967 - . The one-year anniversary of the first sighting came and went as the Christmas season sparkled across the Point Pleasant area. Many people in the area said - the Mothman was trying to warn people about the upcoming tragedy." 

"One Point Pleasant resident, who was a very young girl at the time of the [Silver Bridge collapse], reported having seen the Mothman outside her bedroom window one night prior to the catastrophe. He just hovered, studying her with his - red eyes."

"On the day of the tragedy, the same girl and her family were scheduled to leave on a trip. Their route would take them over the bridge. As they pulled out of the driveway, her father suddenly had a massive headache, and went back inside to lie down. When he recovered a short time later, they turned on the radio to hear of the disaster they narrowly avoided."

"[T]he collapse - put an end to most of the Mothman sightings. The resulting suffering of the area residents no longer allowed them time to entertain the unexplained. There have been more sightings since then, but none to match the frequency of which the reportings came in that 13 month period between November 1966 and December 1967." 

"The Mothman is reported to :"

  • "Be approximately [6 to] 7 feet tall"
  • "Have a wingspan over 10 feet wide" 
  • "Have grey - skin" 
  • "Have large, red, - eyes" 
  • "Be able to take off straight up in flight" 
  • "Travel up to 100 miles an hour" 
  • "Screech or squeal like a rodent or electric motor" 
  • "chase[s] cars" 
  • "Like[s] - remote, unpopulated areas" 
  • "Cause[s] radio and television interference" 

"He may be a result of:"

  • "Chief Cornstalk's 200-year curse on the town of Point Pleasant" 
  • "A - ritual that summoned him" 
  • "Chemical spills" / "A mutant strain of [bird]" 

"What has happened to those who reported sighting the Mothman?"

  • "Some got a divorce of marriage" 
  • "Many moved to distant states" 
  • "Several suffered nervous breakdowns and some [had] to undergo - hospitalization" 
  • "Mrs. Mary Hyre died within three years of her dream predicting The Silver Bridge Collapse"

"The Mothman is still being seen today - . Scattered sightings are still reported, but [some] are held as private horrors."

The next page of "The History of The Mothman" by Mothmanlives :

"The first sighting came in the early 1960s. A woman was driving along Route 2, near the Ohio River, with her father. As she neared the Chief Cornstalk Hunting Grounds, a large man-shaped figure walked out onto the road. As the woman slowed her car, the figure spread two large wings and took off. - [T]he witness did not report the incident - 'Who would believe us, anyway?'"

"The first sighting which received publicity, though, was one in 1965. A woman living near the Ohio River related how her son had told her one day of seeing 'an angel' outside. She thought nothing more of it until about a year later." 

"In the summer of 1966, a doctor's wife in the same general area said that she had seen a six-foot long thing resembling a 'giant butterfly'. On November 12, five gravediggers - saw something which looked like a 'brown human being' fly out of the trees near Clendenin. One of the witnesses, Kenneth Duncan, said that they watched the creature for almost a minute. On the 14th of the month, Salem resident Newell Partridge saw two red objects hovering above a field. His German Shepherd, Bandit, took off into the field and was never seen by Partridge again." 

"The next night, Mr. and Mrs. Roger Scarberry and Mr. and Mrs. Steve Mallette were driving near the 'TNT Area', near the town of Point Pleasant. A tall figure stood by the side of the road. 'It was shaped like a man, but bigger,' said Mr. Scarberry. 'Maybe six and a half or seven feet tall. And it had big wings folded against its back.' His wife commented on its huge red eyes, 'like automobile reflectors.'" 

"Mr. Scarberry, who was driving, took off in his car at 'better than a hundred miles per hour,' the figure spread its wings and flew after the car. It didn't seem to flap its wings at all, and its wingspan was over ten feet. Mrs. Mallette said that it made a squeaking sound, 'like a big mouse.' The four also noted that a dead dog had been lying by the side of the road, but was gone when they returned." 

"They went to the offices of the Mason County sheriff and reported their sighting. Deputy Millard Halstead returned to the TNT Area with the four, and said that as he passed the spot where they had initially seen the figure, his police radio made a sound similar to a speeded-up record." 

"The TNT Area, which seemed to be a sort of home for the 'Mothman,' as it was quickly dubbed by the press, is a large tract of land. Small concrete 'igloos' dot the landscape, used during World War II to store ammunition. The TNT Area is adjacent to the 2,500 acre McClintic Wildlife Station. The entire area is covered with dense forest, steep hills, and riddled with tunnels." 

"The area is also sparsely populated. One of the families living in the area is that of Ralph Thomas. On the 16th, at about 9:00 pm, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Wamsley, Mrs. Marcella Bennett, and Mrs. Bennett's daughter, Tina, were visiting the Thomases. On the way there, they watched a red light which circled the TNT Area. When the car pulled up in front of the Thomas', it disturbed something." 

"'It seemed as if it had been lying down. It rose up slowly from the ground. A big gray thing. Bigger than a man, with terrible glowing red eyes.'" 

"The witnesses ran to the Thomas home, where they were let in by the three children. The figure shuffled along behind them, coming onto the porch and looking through the window. Mr. Wamsley called the police, but the thing had, of course, vanished by the time they arrived. Mrs. Bennett, who lives at the edge of Point Pleasant, says she has heard the creature on other occasions. She describes the sound it makes as 'like a woman screaming'." 

"Paul Yoder and Ben Enochs, two firemen, said they had seen Mothman in the TNT Area on the 18th. Richard West, of Charleston, called the police on November 21. A winged figure was sitting on the roof of his neighbor's house, he said. The six-foot tall figure had a wingspan of six or eight feet and red eyes. It took off straight up, 'like a helicopter.'" 

"Tom Ury was driving along Route 62, near the TNT Area, on the morning of November 25. He saw a large, grayish figure standing in a field. Then it spread two large wings, lifted straight into the air, and flew over Ury's car at an altitude 'three telephone poles high'--probably about 50 or 60 feet. The next day, Mrs. Ruth Foster of St. Albans said the creature was standing in her yard near her porch. - The same day, people in Lowell, Ohio, saw several large birds flying over Cat's Creek. The three witnesses followed the birds in their car and said that they were '- [D]ark brown with some light flecks. Their breasts were gray and they had five- or six-inch bills, straight, not curved like those of hawks or vultures.' The birds seemed to have reddish heads." 

"And still more sightings came. On November 27, on the way home from church, Connie Carpenter saw a grayish figure standing [near the abandoned] golf course near Mason. The creature took off and flew straight towards her car. She was one of few who actually saw the creature's face - Another sighting took place that same night in St. Albans, where two girls saw the creature near a junkyard. The creature flew after them. On December 4, five pilots at the Gallipolis, Ohio, airport saw some sort of giant bird flying at about 70 miles per hour. Its wings weren't moving, and unlike other witnesses they commented on a long neck." 

"Mabel McDaniel ( - mother of Linda Scarberry, one of the first witnesses) saw Mothman on January 11, 1967. Mrs. McDaniel said that at first the creature looked like 'an airplane, then I realized it was flying much too low. It was brown and had a wingspread of at least ten feet.' In March, an Ohio man claimed his car was chased by a flying creature." 

"The last sighting seems to have come on November 2, shortly after noon. Mrs. Ralph Thomas (from Bennett's sighting) heard a 'squeaky fan belt' outside her home and saw a 'tall gray figure' moving among the concrete domes in the TNT Area. 

"Scattered sightings continued for several years afterwards. In 1968, especially - And on September 18, people in the TNT Area supposedly saw Mothman once more--putting in his last appearance, it seems. In late 1966, when the Mothman reports started to die down, other phenomena started up in the area. Several UFOs were seen near Point Pleasant, animals were mutilated in surrounding areas, and Mothman witnesses reported poltergeist and 'men in black' phenomena. This has led many a researcher to speculate on a connection between Mothman and UFOs." 

"But no discussion of the Mothman phenomenon would be complete without recounting the story of the Silver Bridge. On the evening of December 15, 1967, the Silver Bridge, which crossed the Ohio River at Point Pleasant, collapsed in rush-hour traffic. Over forty-six cars fell into the river. It was the biggest disaster ever to hit Point Pleasant." 

"Of course, it was only a matter of time before people began to connect this disaster with the Mothman sightings. Was Mothman some sort of warning sign of the impending disaster? Was the entire saga somehow connected with the UFOs seen in the area?" 

"New Haven farmer Ernest Adkins reported something very odd indeed in April of 1969. He found his eleven-week-old beagle lying dead in his front yard. 'There was no evidence the dog died in a fight,' Adkins said. What made it strange was the fact that the dog's chest was chewed open, and its heart was lying outside." 

"[Some said it] was probably - some normal kind of bird; the favored culprit was a sandhill crane. These large birds have reddish patches on their heads - other birds were [also] found in the area - . In July of 1967, several boys found a large vulture near New Haven. And at Gallipolis Ferry, a farmer shot a rare bird indeed--an Arctic snow owl. The owl was two feet tall and had a five-foot wingspan."

Another page of Mothmanlives' "History of The Mothman", entitled "The North Power Plant" :


"[T]he North Power Plant, part of the long-dormant West Virginia Ordnance Works complex[,] - was just a shell of its former self - in 1966."

"In mid-November, 1966, at night, outside this building, - [two young couples] reported seeing the creature, noting especially its glowing red eyes. The creature then reportedly gave chase to the pair as they sped into Point Pleasant to describe their contact to authorities. A sheriff's deputy dispatched to the scene reported an uneasy feeling coming on when he noticed his two-way radio failing to work properly and making a static-filled noise. Persons visiting this site during the time of the Mothman sightings described it as having a 'cold, chilling presence' about it. Subsequent sightings of Mothman were reported elsewhere but generally in the - [TNT] area." 

"Because of the nature of 1940s power plant construction, asbestos was reportedly in great abundance in the abandoned structure. In the early 1990s the building was - [demolished with a] wrecking ball, gone in a matter of hours along with its twin companion structure, the South Power Plant. As part of the Superfund cleanup site, the U.S. government had the structures [torn down due to] the public interest." 

A Page of "History of The Mothman" by Mothmanlives titled "Description of the area where first sighted" :

"The creature was allegedly first sighted at the West Virginia Ordnance Works North Power Plant by [two couples] in mid-November, 1966."

"The West Virginia Ordnance Works were created early during World War II to supply TNT - a highly dangerous explosive -- for the United States war effort. Located about six miles north of Point Pleasant, West Virginia the area now serves as a public hunting and fishing area, and is known locally as the 'TNT Area' or just 'TNT.'" 

"Constructed during the buildup of the war, the plant was ostensibly laid out to avoid a possible Japanese or German attack. Storage of the dangerous explosives was accomplished through a series of concrete bunkers built above ground. These bunkers, or 'igloos,' were huge dome-shaped concrete structures, covered with a foot or more of earth and spaced in a grid pattern to reduce the chances of all igloos being destroyed in a chain reaction from an enemy bomb. Doors on the igloos are approximately a foot thick and solid. The covering of earth also served as camouflage, since grass was allowed to grow over the entire complex, although from the air the facility must have appeared odd." 

"Twin coal-fired power plants were constructed to supply power for the manufacturing facility. A series of underground bunkers, tunnels and sewers also connected the entire complex. Sometime after the war, the blueprints of the plant layout were destroyed - . The plant suspended operations in 1945. The igloos were later used for storage of commercial explosives - and rumor had it that low-level nuclear wastes were also periodically stored in the igloos." 

"In the early 1980s some folks were fishing in one of the designated fishing ponds when they noticed a red liquid bubbling to the surface. It turned out to be a toluene compound. Subsequent testing determined the area to be one of the most polluted sites in the United States; it was granted 'Top 10 Superfund Cleanup' status. During the plant's operation waste products were allowed to settle into unlined holding 'reservoirs' for evaporation; these pits were plowed under and vegetation eventually grew back. This action, coupled with possible sewers, led to the poisoning of the area. - [P]ermanent, perpetual monitoring of groundwater will be required [because of that] - The ponds affected have been drained, 'capped' with a clay liner and monitoring wells installed."  

"Because of the destruction of the plant blueprints, the Army Corps has had to advertise publicly for information from anyone with work experience at the plant. This was done to try and recover some information about locations of sewers and tunnels. It is unknown if all remaining facilities will be found."

"More of Mothmanlives' "History of The Mothman", entitled "MOTHMAN: Eyewitness Descriptions" :


"According to eyewitness accounts, Mothman stood - at [6 to] 7 feet tall -. Its most prominent features were the massive wings spanning 10 feet across. Some accounts stated that - feathers were spotted on the body and wings, some said the wings were featherless. Even more unusual were the huge, red, glowing eyes on the generally featureless face. Some eyewitnesses were unable to recall seeing a head; these reports stated the eyes were actually in the shoulder area where a neck and head "should" be. Few, if any, could remember details about the presence or type of feet the creature possessed." 

"Eyewitnesses alleged that Mothman could fly without flapping its wings, and could match the speed of an automobile trying to flee at 100 miles an hour. The creature never seemed to flap its wings when rising from the ground -- it evidently was able to rise and float above the earth's surface with little or no effort, not making any sound or noise." 

Movie News

The Mothmanlives website hosted movie news about The Mothman Prophecies film. The news was provided by various sources and added on the site. The following is information from those posts:

  • "October 8, 1998... The screenplay reportedly was sold in February of this year to Lakeshore for mid-six figures. - [Originally appeared in Cinescape; reported by 'Ralphie'.]"
  • "February 28, 1999... - Actor Richard Gere is in talks to join this project. - [Originally appeared in The Hollywood Reporter; reported by Deadpool.]"
  • "September 25, 2000... Last week the deal was officially announced for the long-in-development Mothman Prophecies movie. Richard Gere, which we've long connected to the project, has committed to star in the film. Also announced was the film's director, Mark Pellington, the film's screenwriters, Richard Hatem and Becky Johnson, and that Sony Pictures will distribute the picture. - [Originally appeared in Variety, The Hollywood Reporter; reported by Reg.]"
  • "November 4, 2000... Shooting will occur around Pittsburgh, which will double for the West Virginia area. And as scooper Jessica B tells us: 'Film crews have been investigating a small town in Western Pennsylvania as a possible location for the shooting of the film. Local churches, bridges, and restaurants, as well as the county courthouse, of Kittanning, PA have been explored for use in the movie. The Kittanning Bridge was partially closed November 3rd, so it could undergo a screen test by the director of the film.' - [Scooped by Jessica B., Tyler Durden, and anonymous.]"
  • November 21, 2000... This 120-page "first rewrite" by Richard Hatem is dated August 4th, 1998. Becky Johnson is currently rewriting the script. [IGN Filmforce, STAX]

Along with this was an exclusive interview with actor Will Patton from his time in Point Pleasant.

Fequently Asked Questions

Q: "Was "The Mothman Prophecies" movie from Sony Pictures based on true events like the credits claim?"

A: "Yes and no! - [T]he movie fall[s] short of revealing the entire truth of what actually happened in Point Pleasant, West Virginia. It was, after all, a Hollywood movie."

Q: "Was the movie filmed in Point Pleasant, WV?"

A: "No. About 95% of the movie was shot in Kittanning, Pennsylvania. The reasons the producers gave for this is that the production crew was based in Pittsburgh, near Kittanning. This cut production costs immensely."

Q: "Are the people of Point Pleasant, WV upset about the movie being filmed somewhere other than Point Pleasant itself?"

A: "That's about a 50/50 split. Half feel it would have brought some money to the [town], half are glad they didn't have to go through the nightmare of the [town] being practically 'shut down' while the movie would have been in production. As for the residents of Kittanning, some said the money helped the city, by some said the 'blocked-off-streets' were a nightmare."

Q: "What were the main aspects of the Mothman phenomena?"

A: "The Mothman sightings themselves, the Men in Black (MIB) experiences, and UFO sightings."

"The Sightings"

"The Mothman was sighted in Point Pleasant, WV and surrounding areas by well over 100 people. Dates of the sightings ranged beginning November 15, 1966, to December 15, 1967. (Some eyewitnesses maintain they have seen the creature in the time period after those dates.)"

"The descriptions of the creature - : Most eyewitnesses described the creature as [being] - a mixture of gray/ - brown in color and approximately [6 to] 7 feet tall; the wings - [having] approximately 10-1[5] feet [span]. The eyes - are described as being bright-red and hypnotizing. The eyes are also described as being reflective of light, - and “much” more intensive than a normal animal. When in the presence of the creature, eyewitness describe a “helpless” or “hypnotizing” feeling, such as not being able to run, walk, or in some cases even move. The gaze of the eyes is also described to be the deciding factor of not being able to describe the facial features. - [T]hey describe - being drawn in by the eyes, and everything else becoming a blur of vision."

"[I]ts head [is described as usually] tucked close to where its shoulders are considered to be"

"The Men in Black (MIB)"

"The MIB experiences were the most important [aspect] missed by the movie The Mothman Prophecies. However, the lack of people willing to talk about their experiences was certainly a deciding factor in minimal information obtainable by the Sony Pictures research department."

"The most usual explanation of the MIB in the area at the time was that they were sent to discourage anyone from reporting what they had seen to the local newspapers."

"The phrase most coined by the MIB was, 'You didn't see anything. Do you understand?' The phrase is as generic as it is old, but it has been described by many in the area. There was never an expression on their faces when they spoke the phrase, before or after."

"The UFO Sightings"

"UFO sightings were reported during the time period of the Mothman sightings. Some locals actually report making an evening of UFO hunting! Some residents of the area would drive to known 'hotspots' of UFO activities, bring a cooler, and sit on the hood of their cars waiting for the nightly show."

Festival Coverage

In 2002, The first Mothman Festival was held in Point Pleasant. The Mothmanlives website hosted information about the first six annual Mothman Festivals. Then in 2008, Jeff got the "" URL and created The Mothman Festival website. All further information about the festival was hosted there from then on.


Mothmanlives became an online place for Jeff to sell the Mothman t-shirts from his record store. When his books "Mothman: Facts Behind The Legend" and "Mothman...behind the red eyes" came out, he sold them there as well.

In 2005, as the Mothman Museum opened, he acquired "" as a website and moved all online merchandise there. The museum's gift shop also became the place for the t-shirts and books.


Mothman: Facts Behind The Legend by Jeff Wamsley and Donnie Sergent Jr. (2002)*/*/