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'''John Gibson Newspaper Collection ('''
'''John Gibson Newspaper Collection ('''

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The following is a Braxton Citizen News article from Tuesday, April 29th 1997 titled "Braxton County Monster Reborn In Cermaic The Monster Lives"

The sighting of the Braxton County or Flatwoods Monster in 1952 has drawn world-wide attention to central West Virginia. In addition to being a famous piece of local folk lore, the controversial account of the ten foot tall alleged alien still fascinates UFO enthusiasts across the nation.

That continued interested has led the reincarnation of the Monster in ceramic. John Gibson of Herold Route, Sutton has turned back the clock to early 70's when the JC's Club had the original castings made. "We needed money for our various civic projects and we came up with the Monster to sell, as a fund raiser," explained Gibson.

When the club disbanded, a few years later, Gibson inherited the molds of the original likeness which stands 12 inches high. He also had the remnants of the first run.

"We originally had 500 statues cast. We probably sold 450 of them. I wound up with the remainder ones because I had room for storage. Some got broken and few were otherwise damaged. I guess probably had 40 or so of the original ones," he explained.

Over the years various individuals got word of Gibson's hidden treasure and would contract him. In 1992 the Clarksburg Public Library called. The facility had become the benefactor of the works of Gray Barker.

Barker was a Braxton County native who spent most of his adult years in the Clarksburg area. He was fascinated with unidentified flying objects and donated much of his life to researching and writing on the subject. Following his death, his heirs donated most of his work to the library.

"The librarian got my name and called one day. She was very excited when I told her I still had a few of the statues left," said Gibson.

The renewed interest led Gibson to dusting off the molds and sending them back to the furnace. End result... the Braxton County Monster lives again, at least on many mantels and book shelves.

The Monster also has a new home. The little red and green critters abound at Nanny's County Apple on Herold Route. Nanny's is the craft and gift shop operated by John and wife Betty.

The new Braxton County Monster sells for $25, plus $5 shipping and handling, if ordered by mail. In addition to the figurine, purchasers also receive a copy of an original newspaper clipping reporting the early 50's sighting. Inquiries or prepaid orders may be sent to: John Gibson, 3305 Herold Route, Sutton, wV 26601. The Monsters are also available for sale at the Citizens' News Office.

The following is an account of the original Flatwoods Monster's visits to Braxton County written by Gray Barker in 1953.

Braxton Citizens News April 29 1997

Braxton County Monster Reborn In Cermaic The Monster Lives, April 29th 1997

John Gibson Newspaper Collection (
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