In September 10th 1978, at a mine in Freiburg, Germany, a group of twenty-one miners arrived in the morning to find a dark figure with wings on its back in the entrance to the mine. When they approached it, it unfurled its wings and let out "a sound like fifty people screaming" or "a train in peril trying to break at the sight of a twisted rail".

Opting to stay outside the mine and work on other tasks, the workers were soon disturbed by a large explosion in the mine itself. The entity's presence had prevented them from entering the mine, and thus saved their lives.

However, six out of the twenty-one workers apparently saved by the monster were still working at the mine only six months later. Two of those men, who had pledged to detail the indisputable facts of the case for the rest of the world, perished suddenly, broke and destitute. Others were plagued by psychiatric problems.

The dark winged creature is sometimes referred to as "The Freiburg Shrieker" but it also fits the description of the Mothman and is an omen of disaster.

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