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The following is a Grafton Sentinel article from Thursday, June 18th 1964 titled "Teen-age Monster Hunting Parties Latest Activity On Grafton Scene".

Want to go "monster" hunting? If so just join the roving bands of teen-agers who are apparently convinced that a "monster" exists and is roving in the section of Riverside drive near the city stone quarry.

Wednesday night several bands of teen-agers armed with flashlights, mallets, crowbars, and the like, were reported searching the Riverside Drive area.

The description of the alleged Grafton "monster" sounds suspiciously like that of the recent reports of a "monster" in Michigan, except the Grafton's seems to be a bit bigger in every respect.

One teen-ager said that the youths on Wednesday night were searching for a creature "nine feet tall and about four feet wide." He said it is agreed that the creature is white, has no discernible head and emits a weird whistling sound.

So far as could be ascertained today, area law enforcement officials have taken no official notice of the reports of the Riverside drive "monster."

Several teen-agers, none of them identified by names, have reportedly "seen the monster" and given fairly tallying reports of it's appearance.

The tale is even embellished with the theory that the creature was first sighted in the Morgantown area and arrived in the Riverside area via the Monongahela and Tygart rivers.

One youth suggested that it might be an escaped Polar bear but offered no suggestions as to where such an animal could have escaped.

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The Grafton Sentinel Newspaper (Now The Mountain Statesman), June 18th 1964

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