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The following is an article from Monday December 5th 1966 titled "Strange plane turns out to be 'bird'"

POINT PLEASANT - Is it a plane? No, it's a bird.

This was the conclusion reached by five pilots, who spotted Point Pleasants "bird" yesterday afternoon in broad daylight and for an instant mistook it to be a plane.

Everett Wedge of Point Pleasant, Henry Upton of Leon, and Leo Edwards, Ernie Thompson and Eddie Adkins all of Gallipolis, Ohio, were gathered yesterday at 3 p.m., when one man in the group commented on the way a plane was making a landing.

He called out. "See that crazy man coming in, in a downwind in that plane."

The others glanced up at about the same time, and then all of a sudden, they realized it wasn't a plane, but a bird.

While all members of the group are avid hunters, they agreed they had never seen anything that looked quite like the "bird" they saw yesterday.

Wedge said they sighted it about 300 feet off the ground along the Ohio River bank and they watched it untill it was out of sight. All estimated the flying creature to be traveling 70 miles an hour.

The most outstanding characteristic they noticed was the unusually long neck, which was estimated to be about 4 feet in length. The men substantiated evidence that it was a sandhill crane, as identified earlier by Robert L. Smith, a West Virginia University professor.

Once it was out of sight, Wedge hurried to get his camera, boarded his plane and flew along the river toward Huntington in an attempt to flush it out, but apparently was unsuccessful.

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