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The following is a newspaper article from the Ohio Messenger on Monday March 20th 1967 titled "Keel Set For Visit - Point Pleasant Area Sightings Continue "

POINT PLEASANT - UFO sightings continue to reported in the Point Pleasant area. One of the sightings was near the Marietta Manufacturing Co. It was reported that there yellow, green orange and white lights around the objects.

The other sighting came about two hours later, around 11 p.m., just north of there. It also had a bright shiny beam and moved very slowly. A teenager who reported the sightings Saturday said he and some others had seen it Friday night near the Silver Bridge hovering very low and traveling fast.

John A. Keel of New York City will arrive in Point Pleasant Tuesday. Keel, an authority on UFO's, has traveled extensively in investigating the subject. He hopes to make some lectures while in Point Pleasant.

Keel presented a lecture in New York City Friday night, "Has the Real Invasion From Outer Space Finally Begun?" The lecture constitutes a serious look at the current outbreak of UFO sightings. He said this is the inside story of what is happening all across America today -including information which has been suppressed until now.

Keel's lecture included a discussion of his first-hand investigation of the famous "Monster" case at Point Pleasant and hitherto unpublished landings in the New Jersey - Long Island Area.

Keel has spent the past year traveling to many parts of the United States going through police files to uncover UFO and related cases. Keel's career as a globe-trotting reporter and objective investigator has given him marvelous background for his recent entry into the ranks of UFO researchers:

His recent travels have brought him into contact with hundred of UFO witnesses. His articles have already appeared in several publications including True and Saga, and his reports continue to appear in more than 150 newspapers throughout the world.