The following is a Huntington Advertiser article from November 17th 1966 titled "Owl? Goose? Prank: Or Take Your Choice"

POINT PLEASANT - Telephone calls continued to flood the sheriff's office here today concerning the "creature" which reportedly was sighted flying in the area Tuesday night. Some say they saw it and others tried to explain the apparition.

The latest report was that the "Monster Moth Man" followed a motorist to Cheshire, Ohio, during the early morning hours.

"Despite the confusion, the reports are amusing." a sheriff's deputy said today. The deputy said nearly everyone has voiced an opinion as to what they believed the people actually saw. They included: A large owl, a migrating goose and boys playing pranks with some type of rigged device.

The deputy was asked his opinion. "I think it was one of those large birds with pencil-like legs and a long beak the catches fish - I can't think of its name off hand."

Whatever it was, has been variously described as a flying man with 10-foot wing-spread capable of pursuing cars at 100 miles an hour, and as a huge gray and white bird with wings like an angel and legs like a man, seven feet tall with two large red eyes about six inches apart.

Sightseers clogged roads north of here Wednesday night trying for a glimpse of the "monster" and to join in a search for him for it.

The fire department was called out to assist in traffic duty along Route 62 near the old TNT plant.

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