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The following is an article from the Point Pleasant Register on November 25th 1966 titled 'Oh, That 'Bird!' It Was Seen Again '

Mason county's famous "Bird" is apparently still with us and has made its appearance in the daytime for the first time..

Tom Ury, a Clarksburg resident, told the sheriff's office he had an experience with the "bird" this morning at 7:15 a.m. as he traveled north on State Route 62.

Ury, an assistant manager of the Kinney Store in Clarksburg, was enroute back to the nothern city after spending Thanksgiving here with relatives when he encountered the "bird".

"I know people think you're crazy when you tell of seeing something like this", Ury said" but I've never had such an experience, I was scared

In giving an account to the Register, the frightened young man said as he went up the road he spotted a flying object that seemed to come from the woods on his fight.

After his description of the area it was determined it came from the area back of the Homer Smith residence..

"It came up like a helicopter and then veered over my car. It began going around in circles about two or three telephone poles high and kept staying over my car" he added.

While his first thought was that of fear, Ury noted "I tried to get away and was going 70 miles an hour, but it kept up with me easily."

He stated that it kept soaring over his vehicle until he got to the Kirkland Memorial Gardens and then it made its way to the left and over toward the river

Appearing still shook up Ury said "I have a convertible and at first felt it was going to come through the top but after it stayed in the air at about the same height. I didn't feel it would attack."

"I've seen big birds, but I've never seen anything like this" he commented. In giving a description he said it was grayish brown color, was some six feet in length and had at least an eight to ten foot wing spread.

Ury said he saw a bill, but not unusually big. He did not see red eyes have previously been given as a characteristic. Some theorized the daylight could have accounted for this.

Mr. Ury is the son of Mrs. Frank Ury and the son-in-law of Mrs. Dorothy Rhodes both of Point Pleasant.