The following is a Newspaper article from December 22nd 1966 titled "Not Mason Mothman, Is It An Owl?"

POINT PLEASANT - Point Pleasant may well be tagged "Birdland" if bird stories and bird sightings continue to make news locally.

The newest story concerns another large, strange bird. However, this one is dead.

Ace Henry of Gallipolis Ferry, saw a large bird perched on his barn Tuesday night, and thinking it was a hawk shot it with 20-gauge shotgun.

Henry reports the bird has a wingspan of about five feet and is two feet tall. The underside of the wings are white, and the rest is speckled with gray, with white rough around its eyes and white feathers covering its claws.

He said the bird is identical to a picture he has of a snowy owl. The snowy owl breeds in the Artic and migrates as far south as the Caribbean sea.

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