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The following is a newspaper article from November of 1966 titled "Night Rider In Sky Afraid of Lights"

People in Mason County are talking about a flying man who is afraid of lights.

He is a 6-foot creature with a wingspan of 10 feet and can scoot along at 100 miles an hour.

Wednesday about midnight the gray and white replacement to mundane flying saucers startled two young couples driving north of Point Pleasant on W. Va. 62, they said.

Once they spotted it, they headed for town at 100 miles an hour and along came their weird airborne friend, breezing about 50 feet above them with the greatest of ease, they told police.

But once they neared the lighted confined of the town, the high horsepowered night rider in the sky veered around and took off toward the dark and less populous countryside-the two couples told police.

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