The following is a Help Wanted Advert from the trading post section of the Navajo Times newspaper from Wednesday, August 29th 1962. Interestingly, the advert includes seeing a Flying Saucers among the suggested club requirements.



To form a special Navajo Club on the Navajo Indian Reservation. All Navajos invited to join; irrespective of religious beliefs. Must have some faith in the religion of the Navajo, and must have strange dreams, or must have had visions or must have seen a "FLYING SAUCER" at least once in the past years, or if you are only interested in helping to form the club, write to: A Possible Navajo Club, P.O. Box 146-B, Window Rock, Arizona. - [P.O. Box outdated obviously]


Navajo Times 80-29-62
 Source(s): Navajo Times 8/29/62
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