The following is an Ohio Daily Express article from Thursday, April 20th 1950. A story from Panama City Florida, re-titled here as "Natives Sight Flying Saucers."


PANAMA CITY (ANP) Flying saucers have been reported sighted in Telire Valley in the province of Bocas del Toro, according to a story appearing in a weekly paper here.

It reported that two Telire Indians excitedly told of having seen a flying saucer land in a small cornpatch clearing.

"The region they described", wrote in the correspondent, "is almost uninhabited." He further stated that the Indians said when they came out of the woods to look at the plane, the occupants were on the saucer and were aground, but hurriedly reentered the plane in a matter of seconds and took off.

They described what they regarded as "strange visitors" as "having the appearance of Khaki-clad normal soldiers, the size of the saucer 30 feet in diamenter, the landing gear as a large re-tractable ring, the lower body as true metal saucer with many, fins and the upper body as a large dome surrounded with several cannon-like ports and that one (of the ports) spouted flame during the take-off."

The correspondent who placed the time of the interview as of April 1, said the Indians "don't know anything about April Fool day either."

4-20-50 - Ohio Daily Express
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