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Search For The Mothman (2002)

Search for the Mothman is a 44 minute documentary about the Mothman of West Virginia folklore. It was directed by David Grabias and included on the special edition DVD of The Mothman Prophecies film which was released in January of 2002.

The documentary contains many interviews with Mothman witnesses and Point Peasant residents as well as archive footage from 1966-1967.

John Keel, Author of The Mothman Prophecies, is also featured in the documentary to give commentary on the sightings and events based on his time in the small town during the late 60's.

The film focuses on the Mothman sightings in Point Pleasant as well as The Silver Bridge Collapse . It also makes mention of the Men In Black encounters, the town's reporter Mary Hyre, Chief Cornstalk, the native-american Thunderbird, the Sandhill Crane or Owl explanations and The TNT Area.

Search for the Mothman utilizes photos of newspapers, artistic representations of the creature and clips from the major motion picture.


Cast And Crew:

  • David Grabias - Producer
  • Tracy McArdle - Executive producer
  • Susan Rued - Associate producer
  • Bill Ratner - Narrator
  • Jeff Orsa - Cinematographer
  • Daniel McMullen - Camera operator
  • Scott Ripper - Additional camera operator
  • Keith McCafferty - Additional camera operator
  • Alex Batenko - Additional camera operator
  • Daniel Westbrook - Editor
  • Scott Sharkey - Assistant editor
  • Tim Shank - Supervising editor
  • Sarah Billotii - Production assistant
  • John A. Busenberg - Post-production supervisor
  • Padraic Culham - Graphic artist
  • David Hudnut - Illustrator
  • Chris Dixon - Sound recordist
  • Tom Farrell - Sound recordist
  • Chris Ripper - Sound recordist
  • Ted Gordon - Sound mixer
  • Glenda C. Tamblyn - Transcriptions
  • Jeff Wamsley - Photos
  • Chris Dixon - Photos
  • Mike Felice - Photos
  • Jack Fowler - Photos
  • Sam Kitchen - Photos
  • Jack Park - Photos
  • Steven Ring - Photos
  • Glenda C. Tamblyn - Photos
  • Ernie Vega - Photos
  • Charlene Wood - Photos
  • Larry Boggs - Special thanks
  • Robert Burke - Special thanks
  • Rebecca Busey - Special thanks
  • Padraic Culham - Special thanks
  • Rush Finley - Special thanks
  • Jack Fowler - Special thanks
  • Don Greene - Special thanks
  • Jeff Holstein - Special thanks
  • Toni Holstein - Special thanks
  • Dan Kiesling - Special thanks
  • Doug Korstanje - Special thanks
  • Cathy Logan - Special thanks
  • Rick Meadows - Special thanks
  • Keith Price - Special thanks
  • Donnie Sergent Jr - Special thanks
  • Carl Smith - Special thanks
  • Anna Lou Sturgeon - Special thanks
  • Chris Sturgeon - Special thanks
  • Jack Sturgeon - Special thanks
  • Pam Williamson - Special thanks

The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend

Eyes of The Mothman (2011)

Eyes of The Mothman is a 2 hour and 30 minute documentary by Red Line Studios about the Mothman of West Virginia folklore. It offers an in-depth look at some of the reported Mothman sightings in Point Pleasant as well as Chief Cornstalk, The TNT Area, encounters with Men In Black, the Indrid Cold story and The Silver Bridge Collapse.

The film was directed by Matthew J. Pellowski of New York who traveled to Point Pleasant, West Virginia with his crew to interview witnesses.

“As a filmmaker who had also read the John Keel book, [I] understood that the multitude of crucial side stories found there could only be properly addressed in documentary format,” stated director Matthew J. Pellowski.

Matt Pellowski went to the 4th Annual Mothman Festival in 2005 to begin his project. The documentary finished filming in 2006 and was in post-production for several years.

The documentary was screened at the 9th Annual Mothman Festival in 2010 and then released to the rest of the public on February 22nd 2011. DVDs were sold at the Mothman Museum.

Matt Pellowski spoke as a guest speaker during the 12th Annual Mothman Festival. Eyes of The Mothman was also played during the 2011, 2012 and 2015 Festivals.


The film featured many interviews with Point Pleasant and West Virginia residents. They interviewed people such as Mothman witnesses, local press, Mothman Museum workers, Mothman Festival organizers, researchers and authors



  • Helen H. Tanner - Historian
  • John 'White Hawk' Daily - Chief, Middle Island Creek People
  • John H. Sauer - Sons of the American Revolution
  • Jay Miller - American Indian Studies, Ohio State University
  • Charles H. Stone - Riverboat Captain
  • Lea Wilson - Pterosaur Witness, West Virginia
  • Dennis D. Bellamy - Director, Mason County Visitors Bureau
  • Kenneth L. Woodard - Environmental Engineer
  • Richard L. Meadows - Project Manager, US Army Coe
  • James Beichler - Professor of Physics, West Virginia University
  • Jeffrey K. Mckee - Professor of Anthropology, Ohio State University


Eyes of The Mothman featured some recreations of stories and events such as the death of Chief Cornstalk and Woodrow Derenberger's encounter with Indrid Cold.


  • Richard Pait : As "Narrator"
  • Beau T. Bellamy : As "Hunter 1"
  • Danny S. Cutler : As "Chief Cornstalk"
  • Hazel K. DeWitt : As "Waitress"
  • Cloud Starchaser : As "Indrid Cold"
  • Todd Wiseman : As "Woodrow Derenberger"

Other Cast and Crew:

  • Matthew J. Pellowski - Director, producer, editor
  • Anastasia Konstantinou - Executive producer
  • Cloud Starchaser - Executive producer
  • Bruce Hathaway - Music 
  • Alan Zapata - (uncredited) Music
  • Neil Stephens - Cinematography
  • Anastasia Konstantinou - Key makeup artist
  • David Winkfield - Graphic artist
  • Bill Donnelly - Sound designer
  • Joseph DiMarco - Additional re-recording mixer 
  • Richard Chonczynski - Visual effects
  • Vincent MacTiernan - Visual effects
  • Jose Alvarez - Still photographer
  • Sean Austin - Still photographer
  • Cloud Starchaser - Assistant camera
  • Alexis Van Hurkman - Colorist
  • Bill Lambert - Vehicle consultant
  • John D. Morgan - Vehicle consultant
  • Butch Rainey - Vehicle consultant
  • Zane Bares - Transcriber
  • Jack Fowle - Archive consultant
  • Lara Longo - Intern
  • Erika Rodgers - Transcriber
  • Benjamin F. Roush - Pilot
  • Ruth Roush - Aerial consultant
  • Austin Williard - Transcriber
  • Martha Fout - Special thanks
  • Terrence Malick - Special thanks
  • Mark Pellington - Special thanks
  • Ruth Vance - Special thanks
  • Thomas R. Vance - Special thanks
  • F. Paul Wood - Special thanks

Strange Experiences:

"Eyes of the Mothman" was not an easy film to produce. Shortly after production wrapped, Matthew Pellowski, the film’s director, fell ill to a severe pneumonia that had him bed ridden for 8 months and delayed the post production stages of the project. “I remember it starting out as a joke right when I got sick, oh it must be the Cornstalk Curse, then 7 months go by and numerous doctors are telling me they don’t understand why I’m not getting better and that curse stops being a funny anecdote.”

During post-production, editors named each hard drive after subjects discussed in the film and soon witnessed the “Cornstalk hard drive” become corrupted three separate times, causing nearly a year in delays of the special effects used in the program.


The Mothman of Point Pleasant (2017)

     13 Months That Changed History

The Mothman of Point Pleasant is a 1 hour 11 minute documentary about the Mothman of West Virginia Folklore. Its was released on June 2nd 2017 and directed by Seth Breedlove of the production company Small Town Monsters. Their previous films include: Minerva Monster (OH legend / 2015), Beast of Whitehall (NY Legend / 2016) and Boggy Creek Monster (AR Legend / 2016). The soundtrack was composed by Brandon Dalo and a Kickstarter project was utilized to help with the funding.

The documentary was filmed in Point Pleasant and also contains animated sequences. It focuses mainly on the chronological telling of strange reports in the town during the 13 month period of November 1966 to December 1967. The film's tag line is "13 Months That Changed History".


The film features interviews with Point Pleasant locals and Mothman witnesses. It also uses never before seen interview footage from Jeff Wamsley's archive.

Cast and Crew:

  • Seth Breedlove - Director, Producer, Writer, Editor
  • Zac Palmisano - Photography
  • Brandon Dalo - Music Composer
  • Matt Harris - Art Director
  • Chris Scalf - Animator
  • Sam Shearon - Cover/Poster Art
  • Lyle Blackburn - Narrator
  • Jason Utes - Production Manager
  • Aaron Gascon - Production Manager

The STM Timeline:

In the film, a graphic is periodically displayed which shows a listing of several Mothman and UFO sightings ranging from November 1966 to December 1967. The Small Town Monsters list or timeline for The Mothman of Point Pleasant gives the date along with a brief description. It goes as following :

  • Nov 1, 1966 - National Guardsmen sees humanoid figure
  • Nov 2, 1966 - Indrid Cold encounter, Point Pleasant UFO landing
  • Nov 12, 1966 - Gravediggers see big bird near Clendenin
  • Nov 14, 1966 - Farmer sees strange lights behind shed
  • Nov 15, 1966 - Big bird spotted by two couples near TNT Area
  • Nov 16, 1966 - Woman visiting relatives stunned by strange creature, Mysterious lights in sky appear
  • Nov 18, 1966 - Two volunteer firefighters startled by large bird - Point Pleasant on High Alert as armed posses hunt "The Bird"
  • Mid-November '66 - Siblings find big bird after chase through Mcclintic
  • Nov 20, 1966 - Couple along ferry branch chased by monster
  • Nov 21, 1966 - Charleston man finds himself face to face with "Bat Man"; it flies like a helicopter!
  • Nov, 25, 1966 - Driver near Point Pleasant Accosted by giant bird along Ohio river
  • Nov 26, 1966 - St Albans resident spots Mothman in front yard, Four large birds seen near hocking!
  • Nov 27, 1966- Charleston residents have two encounters with glowing, red-eyed Mothman, Point Pleasant Resident sees Bird-like man standing near roadside
  • Late November, 1966- Man awakens to find Mothman standing at bedside!
  • Dec 4, 1966- Five Gallipolis pilots see airplane-sized bird
  • Dec 7, 1966- Author and local reporter encounter strange happenings in north power plant
  • Dec 11, 1966- Wilson Straight woman claims brush with big-bird
  • Jan 11, 1967- Mother of Mothman witness sees creature for herself outside local restaurant
  • Jan 22, 1967 - Man finds bizarre tracks after strange lights appear in sky
  • Jan, 1967- Local reporter meets mysterious men
  • Mar 5, 1967 - Flying saucers attack! Many see in Point Pleasant
  • Mar 20, 1967 - UFO seen hovering over silver bridge in Point Pleasant; sightings continue
  • April 2, 1967 - Point Pleasant resident seeks meeting with little green men!
  • April 9, 1967 - Mason County School teacher falls victim to latest flying saucer "The size of a Volkswagon", she insists
  • May 19, 1967- Point Pleasant women witness bird enter flying saucer
  • November '67- Mothman reappears! Seen in TNT Area on foot and in the air, Local businessman finds typically-shy Mothman standing on front lawn, TNT Area resident encounters screeching creature behind her home.

Small Town Monsters:


Small Town Monsters is a production company and independent film series. They create documentaries about American folklore and modern mythology. Their films have been funded by the public through Kickstarter. Support Your Local Monsters!

The Small Town Monsters team is comprised of Director Seth Breedlove, Composer Brandon Dalo, Photographer Zac Palmisano and Production Manager Jason Utes. Further films by them include: Invasion on Chestnut Ridge (2017), The Flatwoods Monster: A Legacy of Fear (2018), The Bray Road Beast (2018), Terror In the Skies (2019) and The Mothman Legacy (2020).

Sources: The Films Themselves / Back of DVD Cases

Making of The Film:

(Source: Point Pleasant Register Article By Beth Sergent)

Seth Breedlove credits The Mothman Prophecies film with his love of paranormal subject matters. However, that curiosity is paired with his upbringing by parents who owned a historical bookstore and traveled the country going to book shows. He was also a journalist at one time who enjoyed writing about people’s lives.


"The small human stories drew me to make the movies we make” he told The Pt. Pleasant Register. He said, "Whether or not they want to believe is totally up to them. You can’t deny it was a part of the town’s history.” Breedlove said that so much had already been done on the subject matter, he wasn’t sure if he could bring anything new to the table. So, he traveled to Pt. Pleasant and met with Jeff Wamsley, owner of the Mothman Museum and author of two Mothman books. Jeff's daughter Ashley Watts convinced Wamsley to give Breedlove access to audio recordings of interviews with witnesses and 8mm film footage taken by a relative the day after the Silver Bridge collapsed.


“It is my favorite shot in the footage and the first time I saw it, I cried,” he said. Early on when considering the film as a possibility, he had traveled to the Mothman Festival and talked with a local man who remembered the bridge disaster well. “His memory of the bridge collapse was what made me want to make the movie,” he said. Breedlove felt tying in Mothman to the disaster “always struck me as very wrong. I wanted to show the Silver Bridge collapse was just a part to these crazy series of things that happened in 13 months."


The project which took only 3.5 days to shoot and two months of post production on the independently, self-funded project. There were some technical glitches along the way, like a drone getting stuck in a tree and what he describes as “serious technical problems filming interviews.” However, post production, which includes an original score and animated sequences, were relatively smooth. “It was simultaneously the hardest film to make and the easiest,” he said, adding the movie wrapped in February and that he's "more proud of this movie than anything [he's] ever done."


The film was meant to feature a sequence of the late Carolin Harris opening her restaurant. Breedlove met Harris in mid-December 2016 when shooting the downtown Christmas lights for the film. Though the two didn’t talk long, Breedlove said the openness Harris showed him when sharing her story, particularly about losing her son and his father who were on the bridge when it collapsed. Before the interviews began filming, Harris passed away. The film fades out with the words “For Carolin." Breedlove said “No matter what we do next, we’ll never have another movie that has the heart that the Mothman movie did.” As for whether or not he believes in Mothman's existence, he's still unsure.


Lowe Hotel VIP Pre-Screening:

A special VIP pre-release screening party was held at 6:00pm on Saturday, May 27th 2017 in Point Pleasant at the Lowe Hotel. The dining room of the historic hotel was filled with seats and a large projector screen. Each participant was given full day access to the Mothman Museum and a chance to purchase the very first copies of the documentary.

They sold posters, shirts, DVDs of the film, CDs of the soundtrack and did signings. Tickets quickly sold out for the event. After showing the documentary, Jeff Wamsley and the film makers held a Q&A. Proceeds from the screening went toward helping to fund the Mothman Festival. It was also screened at the state theater in Point Pleasant, WV during the 2017 Mothman Festival in September.


The Kickstarter Project

The "My Daily Register" News Article, May 5th 2017
The Mothman of Point Pleasant Documentary (2017)