The following is Athens Messenger article written by Mary Hyre in November 1966 titled "Monster Returns To Mason" :

Monster Returns To Mason By Mary Hyre, Point Pleasant Correspondent

POINT PLEASANT - Six - or maybe seven - more people became believers in the Mason County Monster Wednesday night.

What is it they saw? They don't know, but they have managed to convince a raft of people they saw something. The latest observers of the red-eyed, wing-backed six-foot thing are Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Wamsley; Ricky, Connie and Vickie Thomas and Marcella Bennett.

They spotted the monster around 9 p. m. Wednesday outside the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Thomas, in the TNT area where the thing was sighted Tuesday right. [sic]

Observer number seven is reported to be a Cheshire area youth who allegedly was chased by a thing matching the description of the Mason County Monster. The chase took place on Route 7 in Ohio.

Wednesday night's sighting took place as the Wamsley's and the Thomas children were leaving the Thomas home. They said the red-eyed creature was lying on the road behind a car.

[ page torn ] the house and called police. Later they ventured outside and spotted the creature watching them while partially hidden behind a pile of bricks. They said the creature then flew away.

At the time of the spotting, officers and fire department volunteers were searching near an old power plant in the TNT area, where the monster was first spotted Tuesday night by two young couples.

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Mallette and Mr. and Mrs. Roger Scarberry said the thing chased their car at speeds up to 100 miles an hour around midnight Tuesday.

Officers said the TNT area was flooded with curious sightseers Wednesday night. One motorist reported his children "wanted to see it right now." Several people reported they had to take their children out because "they about drove us mad wanting to see it."

One man contented it was something caused by the U. S. space program. He said, "You see, it's that talk of going to the moon and that stuff. It's hard to tell what they've caused to come back to earth."

Mrs. Thomas, who was at church during Wednesday night's sighting, said she had a vision Monday night that a creature would appear. In the vision, she said, the creature would frighten people, but not harm anyone.

Source: Mothman: The Facts Behind The Legend by Jeff Wamsley and Donnie Sergent Jr., Page 86
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