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A Letter from Mary Hyre - Tuesday, May 2nd 1967

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Dear John:

You know how stupid I am...My column Sunday suddenly dawned on me that could have been the beginning of this whole puzzle here in this area of the headless man, just in case you didn't read it I will send you a clipping of it.. this is in Jackson county and part of it is Mason county. I guess a few people have seen lights as usual being reported.

They will appear now that the weather is beginning to get a little better, I was out of town Monday and the evening also so, I didn't have any contacts and Sunday I had such a headache later in the day, I think I am cracking up I cannot seem to get that thick-glasses man out of my mind, I guess he will be coming for me and if they all look like him I do not want to go.

When they come for me I will let you know.

As ever, Mary Hyre


Note: The included column was Where The Waters Mingle from 4/30/67.

A Letter from Mary Hyre - Thursday, May 4th 1967

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Thursday Night

Dear John,

Well it has been so rainy here this week and I haven’t been out, but hope to go out for a while tonight.  Mrs. Lilly said they had seen two tonight.

Do you recall Mrs. Lilly telling that a Mrs. Mary Wheeler had seen something in Camp Conley, well I saw her today and asked her about it she described it to me and its identical of the same thing I seen on the river that night.  She said the thing went around-and-around with a white light enclosed was a orange light.

I sure wish I had stayed that night I saw it on the river bank, but guess I wasn’t brave enough to stay by myself.

A man told me last night that we should build a UFO port and maybe one would land on it.

Maxine is using the typewriter tonight and you will never read this writing.  She and one of the police are going out to see if they can see a UFO, I told them I doubt if they look.

I am going with Dr. Oliver and one of the police I will never get back, because none of us ever know the time of day.

If anything exciting occurs I shall let you know.

As ever, Mary H.

P.S.  Guess we are going to celebrate my 25th year with the Messenger next Tuesday.  MH


A Letter from Mary Hyre - Thursday, May 11th 1967

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Pt. Pleasant

Dear John:

Well the UFOs were really out last night! I was driving out 22nd Street about 11 p.m. and suddenly the brightest object was right in front of me very low and just to the north of it was this orange colored one.

I haven’t seen one just like this bright color before.

Many others reported sighting also last night (I was sober, although I had a very big day, celebrating my 25 anniversary).

It seems I can never think of half the things that happens to me when I write or talk with you.  Friday night the same night I seen the thick-lens glasses man.  My telephone on 695-1560 line performed a strange thing.  When I call out I use the 695-4543 phone, Scotty called me on that phone as its not listed and said my 1560 phone was out of order.  I picked up the phone and dialed the 1560 number and the operator said the line is busy, well the operator don’t tell the line is busy unless shes calling long distance, I told it was right on my desk and most certainly was not busy. The operator gave me the service department and she said it was OK and for to dial again, but the same thing happened, and again gave me the operator and we went through the same thing… It was near midnight I gave up and went home, and called from home and the same thing happened. The next morning it was the same thing and told the phone was not busy and said Wait a minute and in about five minutes the phone rang and no one answers, but dialed the number and answered it and believe or not it was OK.

I guess the best thing for me to do is give up or should I stay with it?

Linda and Roger one night heard the noise or sound like a heart beat. I too heard this (sound) and thought it was my heart pounding although I never have in ill effects from heart. Not saying that I won’t, but I thought it very strange and was about the same hour 3 a.m. in morning. I still say if they want me — come and get me!

I haven’t had time talk with Mrs. Boucea [?]. This is a busy week, I have lot of meetings the first week of the month, but I shall do it soon.

I have received so many calls congratulating me on my 25 anniversary.

Sending you a clipping of the tribute the Messenger paid me, of which I am very proud.  When I die I don’t need flowers as I have received mine while I live.

My house looks like a flower shop with the beautiful arrangements I received, I hope am worthy of the praise I received.

Without my friends I could never have accomplished it.

Also sending a clipping of a UFO in today’s paper.

John if I have any clipping you need please let me know, even if only have one you can always send them back after you make a copy.

Do you feel that someone knew what you had in your car and wanted it for information or to destroy it?

It has worried me, I really don’t see what they would want with your note books and clippings, or perhaps they just took everything and didn’t give a damn what they took.

I am writing this letter while sitting under hair dryer.

As ever, Mary

Note: Clippings mentioned weren't in the envelope; John must've filed them elsewhere.

A Letter from Mary Hyre - Sunday, May 14th 1967

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Sunday Night

Dear John:

Well the ufos are at it again. Last night (Saturday) it was seen in many places in the county, A girl friend of mine who works in the pentagon was home for the weekend and she really seen one.

You know the area that Belva's brother found the silvery stuff that she gave you, that is where this girl seen it. She said she was traveling along and suddenly there was these two bright lights and they were on a hill and apparently it had landed on a hill. She said that she looked at it for a while and rushed home to her sister and brother-in-law and told them.

They all returned to the scene and it was still there and they watched it for a while and studied it for a while deciding if they should try and go to it and when they started toward it, and it suddenly started gliding down the hill and vanished out of site immediately.

Kathleen said she was never a believer and they had about teased her to death in Washington about the "big bird", and she wouldn't are tell them in Washington about seeing this. I guess the lights were so bright they were almost blinding.

A very prominent man came to me Friday and said that in the Mt. Vernon, Lincoln and Jefferson avenue area a lot of old people live there and get up all hours of the night and have been seeing these real bright lights near the window and it about frightens them to death.

Also a couple of women have also reported the same thing in the downtown section. This man said he also goes out to the tnt area all the time and has seen a lot and last week he said that he saw three airplanes one night and six ufo's and no one will ever tell him that they are planes.

I was real surprised at this man and also have learned that a lot of educated and prominent people are very concerned and believe that something will happen here before too long and I too, believe it will.

I dreamed last night that this big thing came down and got me. It looked like a big hopper that opened up and picked me up... back of the big hopper it had a big thing that looked like a thrashing machine with three lights on the side.

It sure was a wild dream and where such a description came from I do not know as I haven't seen any thing like it. I had been to Huntington and came back and went to bed at 10 p.m. and didn't get up until 1:30 p.m today.

If people would tell all they know I think we could piece it together much sooner, but too many people are afraid that people will laugh at them. Belva is still seeing it at Gallipolis Ferry and I was talking on the phone with her this evening and she said wait a minute some one is at the door, she returned and said there isn't anyone there... she said this has happened several times.

It has also happened at my house, and Friday night there was a loud noise like something fell on the porch and when we went to look to see what it was there wasn't a thing in sight. The noise was on the porch not in the road or yard.

Linda and Roger are still hearing the heart beat, but I haven't heard it only that one night. If Linda doesn't get straightened up from hearing noises she will have a nervous break-down.

I plan to write a little story to night on the ufo's but wont dare say that the girl from the pentagon seen it, because people would know who it is. Her sister and husband didn't believe such thing existed until they seen it themselves.

I will go out in that area one night this week if I can get out of the office early enough...

It is back at the tnt area. I have a busy week, school board Monday night, Tuesday night awards night at the high school, Wednesday night class night at the highschool, Thursday a band banquet and Friday night graduation exercise at the school.

I shall keep you posted on the happenings..Were the drawings of the Bowen children stolen?

As ever, Mary

John: This letter was returned I didn't get through to the address, but it had some information I wanted you to know. I haven't found out the details, but I heard that five people saw "Moth man" last night, May 19. If they did I will let you know. Several people have reported seeing the ufo's this week. Mrs. McDaniel said she had been trying to call me, I have been out for the week, but should be in more now. If the 675-1560 is busy call on this 675-4545. Sorry haven't made contact with you - Mary

Note: Letter written May 14th, returned and sent again on May 20th

A Letter from Mary Hyre - Wednesday, May 17th 1967

Digital Transcription:

Wednesday Evening

Dear John:

Just arrived back to the office from an hour's conference on the radio on the political issue of this forthcoming city election. The press took issues of both the present mayor and his opponent. Perhaps they will have me after the questions I asked.

Sending you a clipping of a ufo sighting of which I told you about and also have heard of others seeing this same bright light in that area. Someone told Lewis Summers wife had seen one, but I haven't called Lewis to see if it is true.

I would like to write a story on that "space grass" of which I never did. Do you think it would be ok if I did and tell about what they said it was and what the Pentagon told you?

I haven't heard if the people went to the hill where they saw this thing land or not, but they said they were going to go and see if they could see anything..they have an sight party phone line and they do not like to discuss it with me on the phone.

Too, they are afraid someone will tell the pentagon about one of their employees seeing it and she will get fired as she works for some general I think. If I should tell them they would tell her to keep it from anyone and not allow her to discuss it with anyone.

I read your article in Saga and enjoyed it very much..doubt if your news stories will appear in any of the papers locally. It has been raining here and about every day and night and its hard to see anything when it rains although Saturday night it was sorta bad.

Yesterday, May 16 a woman called me and said I have called you about six times and the operator tells me your phone is out of order, but finally she called and the call came in far as I know nothing was wrong or at least if there was any trouble I didn't know anything about it.

I have told you more and more people are out watching for ufos and feel that they sooner or later come in contact with it and who knows maybe they will...sure hope someone comes in contact with it and also that it is someone who will observe it closely.

As ever, Mary


Note: Clippings filed elsewhere 

Note: John wrote “phones” on the envelope

Note: Keel saved some of the “space grass” (radar chaff)
 that he collected in Pt Pleasant in 1966.

A Letter from Mary Hyre - Wednesday, May 24th 1967

Digital Transcription:

Wednesday Night

Dear John:

Since we have some more sightings, I thought I had better send you some clippings. I really believe the "Monster" is back again. A man called me at 3 a.m. Tuesday morning and said that one was over my house and I got up and there it was and when I looked at it away it went to a higher degree and out of sight....

I guess they watch me while I sleep.

Another man called me and said that a man claims that while traveling between Ravenswood and Parkersburg near Ravenswood (didn't know the date) was taken for a ride in a ufo. He talked at a lodge meeting in Parkersburg to about 250 persons according to the story.

He said they took him for a five hour trip and there were five men on it that talked with him. The man said at the lodge meeting they had a question and answer period and the man very quickly answered all the questions they asked him and said he was told that it cost 27 cents for fuel for the five hour trip.

He doesn't know the man's name, but is trying to find out his name for me and I will go and talk with him.

The weather is beginning to clear up here now and perhaps there will be a lot of sightings. I have been very busy as may is a busy month for me, but is slowing down a little now and perhaps I can get out a little more.

I shall keep you posted.

As ever, Mary

Note: Clippings filed elsewhere

A Letter from Mary Hyre - Sunday, May 28th 1967

Digital Transcription:


Dear John:

Received your letter today and it was very interesting to hear of your adventures on Long Island and sure hope you get in contact with one of them, if they are in communications with what is going on on this earth it is very possible they would love to talk with you.

I had a letter from Stephanie and she said they have sightings over there and she is watching while on her plane trip as an airline hostess... and will inform me i she ever sees anything.

Some of my letters must have gone astray as I sent you a second clipping of Hazel and also one of my anniversary I will send another one just in case you didn't receive the second one.

Linda sued Roger for a divorce yesterday and she is pregnant... the McDaniels are very upset. I just stopped writing to talk with my district editor and he told the space in the paper was as crowded as two pregnant women in a phone booth. He is a card and I love to work with him.

Mrs. Bowen sent me word she wants to talk with me and don't believe she told you everything as she didn't know you.. maybe she has a contact and will tell me I am going to see her one afternoon this week..also Mrs. Bennett didn't tell us everything that day we talked to her as she was afraid too but I think she is going to tell me more.. I believe this monster is trying to make contact with her.. she has complete spells that she don't know what she is thinking or what happened during that period... and says if something doesn't happen soon she is going completely out of her mind.

Do you think there is a possibility that she may be in contact with it or when she has these blank spells that it could be the cause of it and she still goes to the doctor, but she hasn't told him. I think she is afraid to tell him, that something might happen if she does. I plan to go back out there, oh if I just had more time I think I could uncover a little more of the details, but it takes and hours to work on these things and that I don't have.

I haven't found out the man's name who was supposedly taken up in one near Ravenswood. I know what you mean by having to work and not travel because it really costs and if you spend it all in research is very unprofitable to write the stories, but should anything unusual happen here I shall contact you at once, especially if one takes me up, that is if I live to tell it.

The temperature was near 100 degrees here today and if the heat brings them out we should be seeing a lot now. This typewriter is a mess. When it comes to the teletype, I try to type but my fingers wont work that fast as if it needs a magic touch.

I have worked the past two Saturday nights..had a board of education meeting until 1 a.m. this morning and told the boss a few minutes ago I was taking off on Tuesday and said I could which does not cont on my vacation.

Maxine and I have some friends that want to come to New York with them in August, but we don't want to come with them as we would have to do just what they say and they don't like to do the same things we do. Stay up all night and sleep half the day..they would go to bed at dark and get up at daylight.

We might go to New York in August or October but we wont tell them, we are not sure what we want to do, we always enjoy our selves when we go there, but It depends on what time of the year we take it. Sister-in-law wants us to go to the beach and that would be ok but I always get sick from the sun and so does Maxine. We haven't been on vacation since years before last and we sure do need one.

Belva claims she still sees things, but as I said she may only be seeing a star I shall keep you posted.

Yours Truely, Mary

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