The following is a Morgantown Dominion article from Friday November 18th 1966 titled "Mason County has 'Flying' Mystery"

PT. PLEASANT, W. Va. (UPI) - The mystery of the flying "whatever it was" continued here Thursday.

Four more people reported seeing a huge, bird-like creature with red eyes. And in Doddridge County, more than 100 miles to the north, a farmer feels his German Shepherd was "dognaped" by the beast.

Mason County Sheriff George Johnson said he does not discount the stories of Steve Mallette and Roger Scarberry and their wives. All four swear they saw the creature three times late Tuesday and early Wednesday near an abandoned power plant five miles north of here.

Raymond Wamsley and his wife, Marcella Bennett and Ricky Thomas and told Johnson they saw it too, in the same general area.

Johnson says he feels whatever everyone saw was nothing more than a "freak Shitepoke," a large bird of the Heron family. The Shitepoke or Shag as it is sometimes known, is the smallest Heron in the Western Hemisphere.

No one, however, could explain how a Shag or similar large bird could fly 100 mph as Scarberry and Mallette said the one they saw did. All four said they would take lie detector tests.

At a farm in Doddridge County near the Harrison County community of Salem, contractor Newell Partridge said he saw something with eyes like "red reflectors" in a meadow near his home. He sighted this "thing" about 90 minutes before the Pt. Pleasant incident.

Partridge said his television set began acting up, "sounding like a generator," and his $350 German Shepherd, Bandit, started "carrying on something terrible."

After the dog had howled for some time Partridge said he opened the door and shined a flashlight into the field where the "reflectors" were seen.

The dog's hair stood straight up, Partridge said, and the animal then went after the reflectors. The dog never returned and no trace of it was found.

Partridge and his wife said the dog had never stayed away from home for more than 15 minutes in the last three years.

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Mothman behind the red eyes by Jeff Wamsley (Page 30)
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