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The following is a Huntington Herald-Dispatch article from Thursday November 17th 1966 titled "Bird, Plane Or Batman? Mason Countians Hunt 'Moth Man'" by Pat Siler

POINT PLEASANT - Sightseers clogged the roads north of here Wednesday night as Mason Countians flocked to the desolate TNT area to join in a search for the "Monster Moth Man."

Sheriff's deputies reported that two couples told them that they had sighted the "creature" Tuesday night near the old powerhouse, five miles from Point Pleasant.

It has been variously described as a flying man with a 10-foot wingspread capable of pursuing cars at 100 miles per hour, and as a huge gray and white bird "with wings like an angel and legs like a man, seven feet tall with two large, red eyes about six inches apart."

Officials at the [McClintic] Wildlife Station said no such description can be found in any of their fowl manuals. They did suggest, however, that it is geese migrating time, and that flights have been sighted in the area.

But Mr. and Mrs. [Roger] Scarberry, and Mr. and Mrs. Steve [Mallette] maintain that the "thing" followed their car Tuesday night, zig-zagging in front of the auto as it speeded along W. Va. 62.

The men told deputies the creature veered away as the car approached the Point Pleasant city limits.

The volunteer fire department was called to assist Wednesday night in traffic duty at the scene of the "flyover."

One fireman commented, "It looks like Mason County fair time."

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