Point Pleasant 1966

Loretta Faye Campell was an eyewitnesses who was actually interviewed about the creature in Point Pleasant, West Virginia and filmed back in 1966 when a reporter went around and asked the crowd questions.

In the black and white footage, The Interviewer points a microphone at her and asked "What did you see?". She responds "I don't know, I was looking at it in the sky, then all of a sudden it just sort of sank right into the trees, you know and it kind of moved around a little and it looked like. you know, it was trying to get a way".

She was interviewed again in the "Search for the Mothman" documentary in which they play the old footage and then cut to her finishing the same story saying "I just kind of froze. It was terrifying. That was the last we seen of him and that was enough".

Her sighting is a simple story of her seeing the Mothman and then it disappearing behind some trees but its interesting that she was able to tell her story on footage at the height of all the creature sightings going around at the time.

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