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An examples of how the press reacted to waves of Flying Saucer stories, some printing them, many ignoring them and in this case a paper outright banning them.

The following is an Evening Star article from Thursday, August 7th 1952 titled "Illinois Paper Bans Stories on Saucers"


Illinois Paper Bans Stories on Saucer

By the Associated Press

OTTAWA, ILL., Aug. 7.- A ban on "flying saucer" stories has been announced by the Ottawa Daily Republican-Times.

In an editorial printed yesterday, Managing Editor Herbert Hames told the paper's 12,000 purchasers: "We're not printing them any more."

"We've chosen sides. And we invite the 1,700 other daily newspapers in the Nation to join in a fight against feeding pap to the newspaper reading public" the editorial said.

It explained that "for five years we've shrugged our shoulders and resigned ourselves to reading about deranged disks that flit from one end of the country to the other, sometimes with blinding flash, other times eloping with a soft light.

"The perpetually flying plates have made headlines year after year despite the fact the most exhaustive investigations have failed to uncover a solitary substantial clue pointing to their existence . . . .

"Tomorrow, if some Texan tells the police a flying saucer ran his car off a gravel road, he won't get his name in the Daily Republican Times."

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