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The following is a Newspaper article from November of 1966 titled "Haunting Creature Seen Twice"

POINT PLEASANT - Mason County may be loosing one of its recent tourist attractions.

Two Sunday sighting indicate the strange flying creature which has been spotted several times at the old TNT plant, near Point Pleasant, may be leaving his happy haunting grounds.

Miss Connie Jo Carpenter, 18, New Haven, saw the "awful looking creature" flying toward her car on Route 33, near New Haven, about 10:30 a.m. She said the thing was "man-like, with big wing span."

She said she tromped on the gas and didn't look back to see if the thing followed.

Later Sunday night, two young girls reported seeing a similar man-like creature on Route 60, near St. Albans. The two young girls, walking home from a store, ran to a neighbors home. The neighbor confirmed the sighting.

The girls said the flying creature had "big red pop-eyes and didn't have a beak." St. Albans is about 40 miles south of Point Pleasant.

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