"He (The Mothman) is part of our history." - Carolin Harris

Harris Steakhouse opened on Main Street, Downtown Point Pleasant in 1969 under the ownership of Carolin Harris.

The diner served breakfast, lunch, and dinner to visitors from all over the world and colloquially became known as The Mothman Diner due to its appearance in the motion picture, "The Mothman Prophecies" in 2002.

The diner set in the movie was actually modeled after the Harris Steak House, complete with decor and atmosphere.

It is also said that John Keel wrote much of his Mothman Prophecies book while in the diner.

The Harris Steak House was located on the same street as the Mothman Museum and Mothman Statue. It received most business during the annual Mothman Festival which Carolin Harris helped start and organize for many years.

Carolin Harris passed away at the age of 74 on Monday, December 26th 2016. She ran the Harris Steakhouse for 48 years. She was a loving person and an active part of the community.

In 2017, an exhibit was added to the Mothman Museum in dedication. It featured the soda fountain counter and chairs from her restaurant which were donated by her family.