The following is a Newspaper article from December 22nd 1966 titled "Giant Owl Killed On Area Farm"

A bird although a dead one, is in the news again and the big question is - Is it or isn't it one that may have been spotted here on several occasions?

Apparently from the [description] it is not the one that was seen by two young couples last month but may be one that has kept cropping into headlines since that time.

A large owl uncommon to this area was killed Tuesday night by Ace Henry on his farm at Gallipolis Ferry.

The bird which has a wing spread of nearly five feet, has several areas of white and is speckled with black. On the under side of the wings the plumage is snowy white, and white fur-like feathers encircle the large eyes and cover the claws.

Henry said he shot it with a 20-gauge shotgun Tuesday night after it was spotted sitting on top of his barn. He said at first he thought it was a hawk but after killing it he was perplexed to know its true identity.

The Register Editorial staff, in an attempt to identify the bird has concluded that it is a snowy owl.

The snowy owl is an inhabitant of northern regions, where his coloring blends with the snowy surroundings. In the winter it travels south through the states and sometimes as far as Texas. On the wing it is so swift that it will overtake a grouse in flight.

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