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The following is a Morgantown Dominion News article from November 17th 1966 titled "Four Pt. Pleasant Car Occupants See 'Bird-Like Creature'"

PT. PLEASANT W. Va. (UPI) - Two Pt. Pleasant couples told police Wednesday their car was followed about midnight by a "bird-like creature" 6-7 feet tall with red eyes and a 10-foot wingspan.

Steve Mallette and Roger Scarberry told Mason County Sheriff's deputies they were riding with their wives near the McClintic Wildlife Reserve when they first encountered the "thing."

Mallette said it was large, measuring as much as six or seven feet, was grey in color and its eyes were two inches in diameter. He said the eyes "glowed red" when the car headlights were put on them near an abandoned power plant.

Then, Mallette said the "thing" took off, making a flapping noise, and traveled at high speeds, "at about 100 miles an hour." Mallette added "it was a clumsy runner."

"I'm a hard guy to scare," Scarberry told newsmen. "but last night I was for getting out of there."

"If I'd seen it myself, I wouldn't have said anything about it, but there were four of us who saw it," Scarberry said.

After the first sighting, the men said, the "thing" glided along above the car until their car reached W. Va. Route 62. Then it disappeared.

The four drove to downtown Pt. Pleasant. "When we turned around there it was again. It seemed to be waiting on us," Mallette said. They went to the city limits and saw the creature again. When the car headlights were put on it, it scurried into a field and disappeared.

"It's apparently afraid of light," Mallette said.

Sheriff Deputy Millard Holstead, investigating the report, said he was not discounting the story. He emphasized that none of the four had been drinking.

Even Holstead said he saw a "cloud of dust" near the old power station "and it could have been the bird."

Resident were upset and the speculation was that "the thing" lives in one of the abandoned boilers of the power plant.

"There are pigeons in the buildings, but not in one." Mallette said, theorizing the thing they saw might live in it.

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