The following is a transcription of a story similar to the famous Flatwoods Monster that reportedly took place near Heater, West Virginia (3 miles north of Flatwoods) before the September 12th 1952 sighting. The account was typewritten by Audra Harper and scans of the document were provided to Andrew Smith of The Flatwoods Monster Museum by her granddaughter Ashley. Some names in the document have been redacted. According to her granddaughter, Audra Harper was born in 1929. She says that she is 33 in the writing, making the document circa 1962.

One night, J[....] and I started to the store and were taking a near cut through a field. We looked up on the hill and saw a fire. I said, "I wonder who that is up there." and she said, "Oh probably Jess [.......] fox chasing." We might have said a half dozen words and glanced back up again and this time it was a ball of fire. This time we couldn't take our eyes away. As quick as quick can be the ball of fire vanished and a tall black figure, three heights of a man stood in the same place. We started running, crossed a barb wire fence that I never even saw and came to a gate. We opened it and J[....] started to close it. "It is right behind us," she said. I didn't think it was possible for it would have had to run twice the distance we did. I turned around and fastened the gate before I looked up. There it stood. I can't remember anything but just this huge black shape. We turned and ran through a field that in daylight you can hardly find a path between the rocks and boulders. J[....] had the light and I didn't have any but I never even stumped my toe. I think God must have been directing my feet.

We made it to the store half scared to death, knowing we still had to return the same way we came. We tried to borrow a gun but everyone thought we were just imagining things. They didn't believe a word we said.

We started back alone but two neighbor boys had come down for a beer or two and they went back past this awful place with us.

To have an experience like this and have no believe us was terrible to bear. Then a woman and some children saw a huge form of a sort at Flatwoods, a few miles from us and they even had her on television and wrote a big story about the "Flatwoods Monster." I know we saw something just as bad.

I'm 33 years old and there is no insanity in our family. I think I'm at least average in smartness, but think me crazy if you will, I will never believe anything else.


Provided to Andrew Smith of The Flatwoods Monster Museum by Ashley, 
the granddaughter of Audra Harper. 

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