Everett Wedge was one of five pilots standing on the local Gallipolis Airport air strip on December 4th 1966 at around 3pm when they saw what they described as an enormous dark colored bird flying above them.  

The other men included; Henry Upton from Leon, West Virginia as well as Ernie Thompson, Leo Edwards and Eddie Adkins from Gallipolis, Ohio.

The winged form was said to be about three hundred feet elevation and traveling at about seventy miles per hours without flapping its wings. 

Everett said "It was big enough that it could pick me or you up and probably carry us away, that's how big it was. I've been around lots in my time and I never ever saw a bird that big but I did see it. Like I say; I might not have quiet twenty twenty eyes now but I did then".


Newspaper Article (December 5th 1966)

The "Search for the Mothman" Documentary
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