Point Pleasant, West Virginia

An elderly businessman in Point Pleasant WV is said to have found Mothman standing on his front lawn. He stepped outside to see why his dog was barking and confronted a six- or seven-foot tall gray apparition with flaming eyes.

He stood transfixed for several minutes, unaware of the passage of time. Suddenly the creature flew off and he staggered back into his house. He was so pale and shaken his wife thought he was having a heart attack.

This sighting was written about in The Mothman Prophecies by John Keel in 1975. The story was later told again in the book Mothman and other curious encounters by Loren Coleman in 2002.

Coleman wrote: An elderly businessman in Point Pleasant saw the Mothman standing on his front lawn in full sight one night. He noted that the figure was over six feet tall, gray and was endowed with flaming eyes. As he watched, the birdman flew off like some gargoyle out of a Grade-B science fiction movie.


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