David Weatherly is a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to the strange and supernatural. He has traveled the world in pursuit of ghosts, monsters, UFOs, magic and more. David became fascinated with the paranormal at a young age. Ghost stories and accounts of weird creatures and UFOs led him to discover many of his early influences. Writers such as such as John Keel, Jacques Vallee, Hans Holzer and others set him on course to spend his life exploring and investigating the unexplained.

He has been featured on numerous radio and TV shows and done countless speaking appearances. In 2012, David founded the independent media and publishing company, Leprechaun Productions. Weatherly has released several books about paranormal and Fortean phenomena including the popular book "The Black Eyed Children" and a collaborative series on Bigfoot titled "Wood Knocks" with features work from many different authors on the subject of Sasquatch research.


  • The Black Eyed Children (2012) (2nd edition 2017)
  • Strange Intruders (2016)
  • Wood Knocks Volume 1: A Journal of Sasquatch Research (2016)
  • Haunted Toys (2017)
  • Wood Knocks Volume 2: A Journal of Sasquatch Research (2017)
  • Haunted Ships & Lighthouses (2018)
  • Shadow Chaser (2018)
  • Wood Knocks Volume 3: Journal of Sasquatch Research (2018)
  • Eerie Companions: A History of Haunted Dolls (2019)
  • Paranormal Files: West Virginia (2019)
  • Silver State Monsters: Cryptids & Legends of Nevada (2019)
  • Copper State Monsters: Cryptids & Legends of Arizona (2019)
  • Monsters of the Last Frontier: Cryptids & Legends of Alaska (2020)
  • Wood Knocks Volume 4: Journal of Sasquatch Research (2020)

Some Winged Humaniod Cases From David Weatherly:

David Weatherly has posted cases about Winged Humanoids on his various websites and blogspots. The following are a few of those (which previously had there own pages on the wiki but now are all centralized here under the author's banner).

Winged Humanoid Sighting On Amur River In Russia 1968:


The following incident is reported to have occurred one night in 1968 in the Russian Far East on the Amur River in the Primorskiy Kray region.

This sighting was brought to more public attention by researchers Albert S. Rosales and David Weatherly.

"Because of the tense relations between the USSR and China at the time, Soviet KGB frontier troops intensified their patrols in the territories of the Russian Far East which bordered the People’s Republic of China. One night the crew of a Soviet patrol boat on the River Amur spotted a suspicious object flying in from the Chinese bank of the Amur. When the strange object came closer the men on the boat realized that the object resembled a winged human figure. The wings were visibly flapping in the air as the entity flew overhead.

At the moment that the winged figure crossed the frontier into Russia the frontier guards opened fire with their automatic weapons. The flying entity stopped moving its wings and glided down sharply to the nearby taiga and dense pine forest. The crew of the patrol boat radioed headquarters about the incident and the order was given to find the object or creature whatever it was. The KGB frontier guards suspected that the figure was probably a Chinese spy, wearing some kind of flying apparatus or equipment. However a thorough search which included dogs conducted by the frontier guards proved fruitless. The mysterious flying man had disappeared."

Source: Polina Belova in: “Mir Uvlecheniy” newspaper, Kiev Ukraine # 1 December 6th 2005

 Sources: [April 27th 2016]

Winged Humanoid Sighting In Northern Siberia 1968:

A Mothman-like creature sighting occurred in a remote region of Northern Siberia in 1968.  This was originally reported in the Russian publication, "Gentry" in 1993 then brought to more public attention by researchers by Albert S. Rosales and David Weatherly. Details listed on the report state that the incident location was near Vladivostok, Primorsky Kray region, Russia.

"At a very isolated region of Northern Siberia a taiga hunter was brought into one of the villages suffering from severe wounds. He had deep facial lacerations and on his hands, and his clothing was torn to shreds, he lost one of his eyes. While at the small medical facility in the village he was flown by helicopter to a better equipped hospital in a larger city. While recovering he told a most amazing story. 

According to the unidentified hunter he was in a very isolated area and had come up to a ridge and there during the evening he sought a place where he could stay for the night. Passing by a large rock he noticed a small cave, it was cold and windy so he immediately sought refuge in the cave. His immediate plans including building a small fire in order to warm up, the cave entrance was narrow, so wearing his bulky clothing he barely squeezed through the crevice. However the cave was surprisingly long and narrow, but suddenly expanded by three meters as he found himself in a sort of ‘hall’ five meters wide. The far end of the cave was lost in deep darkness as the cave was only illuminated by a weak ray of light from a small torch he carried. The hunter decided to go out and gather branches so he could build his fire; he left behind his gun and small backpack. Collecting twigs and brushwood he returned and built his fire. After warming up he decided to go out again and explore the nearby wood, however later as he returned to the cave he noticed that at the end of the ‘hall’ something dark stirred. He immediately ran for his rifle but suddenly there was a loud shrilling scream and something attacked him.

As he stood by the fire defending himself he clearly saw the sort of creature that he was fighting against, but only for a moment. He was able to describe a dark man-like creature with huge wings with an approximate wingspan of about 2 meters. The creature had a human head covered with hair but there was no hair on its face. He saw huge eyes and almost no discernible mouth or nose. The creature suddenly glided towards him emitting an incessant wailing howl and suddenly tearing claws were grabbing his face and arms. As the hunter fell, severely wounded, the strange creature jumped out of the cave. The unfortunate hunter did not notice any legs but noticed that the body was short and forked below. After the creature left, the injured hunter treated his wounds with alcohol and bandaged them as best he could, but he could not completely stop the bleeding. He grabbed his weapon and sat by the fire afraid to go out. An hour later he heard a noise at the entrance of the cave and he fired a shot towards the crevice. He heard a shrill cry and the flapping of wings. As soon as dawn broke the injured hunter left the cave and stumbled towards the closest village. He apparently lost consciousness near the village and was later found by other hunters. He had also lost two fingers on his right hand."


The Flying Chupacabra 2007:

In April 2007, researcher Ivan Voreved was investigating a series of incidents involving farm animal deaths in Chile's 6th Region.  On April 6th, 7th and 8th of that year, a series of attacks involving a strange creature took place in the small town of Pan de Azucar.

The witnesses, identified in reports by the initials "J.C" and "A.R.," shared their accounts with Voreved. On the morning of April 7th, at eight o'clock, A.R., a farmhand, discovered twenty-nine dead chickens in a coop on the property.

A.R. stated that the chickens looked liked they had been crushed by something and one of them displayed a hole in its back that reached down into its entrails.  The hen looked completely bloodless and all of the carcasses displayed what A.R. described as a certain "orderliness" about them. Such meticulous alignment of animal bodies as come up in other attacks blamed on Chupacabras.

Neither the property owners or neighbors could find an explanation for the strange attack on the chickens. J.C., the property owner, is a self professed skeptic when it comes to the Chupacabras.  However, he too was at a complete loss and could find no rational explanation for the events on his farm. There were more attacks in the region and other witnesses claim that got a glimpse of the creature that was causing trouble.

Not far from J.C.'s farm, another bizarre incident took place.  On a quiet dirt road, witnesses reported seeing what they first though was "something like a black trash bag," falling off the roof of a nearby house.  Upon closer inspection of the dark object, it began to move and then jumped and took off into the air as a witness approached it.  The strange, flying entity measured about a meter and a half and eyewitnesses said it had amazing speed once airborne.
The witnesses to the dark, flying creature were deeply shaken by their encounter.  Local residents stated that the creature was most certainly a Chupacabras and point to numerous similar cases and attacks in the area over the years.

This wasn't the only time that a Chupacabra with wings was reported.  South America, a gold mine of Chupacabra reports and high strangeness in general has several such cases. Over the years, Chile has been a hotbed of Chupacabras activity.

In June of 2010, Puerto Rican police officer Miguel Negron was on patrol with another officer when they heard what they described as the "beating of powerful wings."  At the same time, they were hit by a powerful, rotten odor coming from what they believed to be a large, bat-like creature.

Numerous other residents in southwestern Puerto Rico were also claiming attacks and sightings of the bizarre, winged thing that year.  Reading over the reports, one imagines a winged gargoyle swooping down from the skies.

Perhaps the most intense report was from a man named Valdo. He told police that he was attacked in his yard one night by a "large winged animal" that swept down on him and left deep claw marks on his chest and back before he was able to escape.

Locals claimed that the creature would come out to hunt during the night, and could also be seen in the early hours of the morning.  They believed that was living in the underground tunnels and ruins surrounding the Guanica Sugar Mill.

The creature was described as a huge humanoid like being with large wings resembling those of a bat.  It was blamed for the slaughter of numerous animals in the region as well as attacks on several local residents. Purportedly, the creature was a blood drinker much like the infamous Chupacabras.

These reports were originally compiled by researchers Raul Nunez and Ivan Voreved, translated by Scott Corrales then brought to public attention by David Weatherly.


Winged Humanoid Sighting Before Russian Apartment Bombings 1999:

The Russian apartment bombings were a series of explosions that hit four apartment blocks in the Russian cities of Buynaksk, Moscow and Volgodonsk in September 1999, killing 293 and injuring more than 1000 people and spreading a wave of fear across the country.
The bombings, together with the Dagestan War, led the country into the Second Chechen War. The blasts hit Buynaksk on 4 September, Moscow on September 9th and September 13th and Volgodonsk on September 16th. 

According to reports in Russia's news source, Pravda, one of the country's UFO centers, "Russian House," sent a registered letter to the government in Moscow in the summer of 1999.  The letter predicted the explosion of an apartment building in Moscow.  No one at the government level treated the letter with any degree of seriousness due to its odd nature and statements.

On September 13th 1999, at 5:00 a.m., a large bomb exploded in a basement of an apartment block on Kashirskoye Highway in southern Moscow, about 6 kilometres from the place of the last attack. This was the deadliest blast in the chain of bombings, with 119 people killed and 200 injured.

The supervisor of Russian House, Alexander Galtsev, stated to Pravda:

"We were afraid of Federal Security Bureau agents to come here and claim that we were involved in the act of terrorism.  That is why we cannot prevent catastrophes, we are afraid.  We managed to find two pensioners, who said that they saw some strange birds, who had human outlines with legs, arms and head."
Galtsev indicates that the winged creatures were appearing over the apartment building. Galtsev further stated that he believes the beings are able to chose who it manifest to, stating that the creatures can make themselves visible to the eyes of one person, two, even a dozen or more at once.  In interviews, the ufologist said that he had discussed the matter with a Moscow priest:

"I talked about this phenomenon to a priest from the Holy Trinity Church in Moscow.  He said that [these things] could actually be guardian angels that try to warn people of some horrific danger."

Sources: [April 8, 2016]

Oscar Solar Valdebenito's Winged Humanoid Sighting 2008:

Security guard, Oscar Solar Valdebenito encountered a strange, flying creature in Angol, Chile in 2008 while making his rounds at the Preventative Custody Center.

Valdebenito reports that he was walking the perimeter around the building with four guard dogs when a winged being flew down and pounced on the canines.  The dogs were so frightened by the creature that they raced away from the scene howling.

The guard watched as the winged creature flew up and landed on the top of a 30 foot tall metal pole, causing the pole to shake under its weight.

He describes the creature as around four feet tall with a small head.  While he was never close enough to make out facial details, he did note two pointed ears on either side of the head.  He described the skin as dark gray and devoid of any feathers or fur.  The two long wings extended from its shoulders and while the creature perched on the pole, it tucked its wings in like a bird.  The guard also saw two powerful lower legs and a pair of stubby arms just below the neck. The only sound coming from the creature was a sharp, loud squawking cry that reminded the guard of a loudspeaker's crackle.

Valdebenito reports that the encounter terrified him and that he was relieved when the creature flew off over several low hanging power lines and out of sight.  He told the authorities that during his encounter, he saw a group of young boys walking along the nearby railroad tracks. They also spotted the creature but fled the area at the sight of the winged humanoid.  Authorities were not able to locate the boys.


Winged Humanoid Sighting Before 2002 Tbilisi Earthquake:

On April 25th 2002, the strongest earthquake in last 40 years hit the city of Tbilisi, which is the largest city in the country of Georgia. The incident killed 6 people. Over 2,000 Apartment buildings mainly in the old part of the city were ruined or heavily damaged.

St. David's Church in Tbilisi

Overall, there was at least USD 25 million worth of damage due to the earthquake. According to the Georgian Geophysical Institute the earthquake was magnitude of six in intensity.

Alexander Galtsev, the supervisor of a Russian UFO center called "Russian House", revealed that there were reports of Mothman-like sightings from Tbilisi before the earthquake:

"Our colleagues from the ufologist organization in Tbilisi sent us interesting materials at the end of April.  They wrote that some strange man was coming to the church of St. David, saying that there was a risk of very serious danger for the church.  The man says that he got that information from a phantom with wings.  The earthquake took place in Georgia on April 25, damaging 130 objects of architectural value, and St. David's church was among them."

Sources: [April 8th 2016]
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