The following is a Huntington Advertiser article from November 18th 1966 titled "Could the 'Moth Man' Be Balloon?"

POINT PLEASANT, W. VA (AP) - "He flies through the air with the greatest of ease, with bloodshot eyes and wings as big as you please,"

With some poetic license thrown in, that is the description given to the "moth-man," a so called "winged man" who reportedly has visited an old dynamite dump near here.

Two Point Pleasant couples received the first "visitation" Tuesday night Mr. and Mrs. Roger Scarberry and Mr. and Mrs. Steve [Mallette] said they "saw something" at the dump "which made them plenty scared."

The "something" they described as "resembling a flying man . . . between six and seven feet tall. . .with the wings of an angel and penetrating red eyes."

The couples said the "thing" chased them as they drove at speeds up to 100 miles per hour.

Edward Prichard, an advisor to the high school science club at Fairland High School thinks he has the answer to what the Scarberry and [Mallettes] saw.

Prichard believes the "monster" could be a large gas balloon which the science club released to study prevailing wind currents.

"Light catches these (balloons) in strange ways at some angles," he said. "Imagination can do the rest."

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