Connie Jo Carpenter was a shy studious girl of eighteen from New Haven, West Virginia. She worked at the local Tiny's Diner and was the niece of reporter Mary Hyre. She claimed to have an encounter with the Mothman at 10:30 A.M on Sunday, November 27th 1966.

She was driving home from church when she saw what she thought at first was a large man in gray standing on the deserted links of the Mason County Golf Course on Route 62. Ten foot wings suddenly unfolded, the thing took off straight up and headed for her car. "Those eyes! They were very red and once they were fixed on me I couldn't take my own eyes off them," she declared. "It's a wonder I didn't have a wreck".

She said the creature flew directly at her windshield, then veered off and disappeared. Connie stepped on the gas and raced home in hysteria. She locked herself in her bedroom. "Those eyes, that's all she'd ever say was, Those eyes" her boyfriend would later say. She was so upset that she was unable to go to school for several days and required medical attention.

She was one of Mothman witnesses to suffer from an ailment called "Klieg Conjunctivitis" or "Eye Burn". Her eyes were red, swollen and itchy with water coming out of them for two weeks afterwards. Miss Carpenter was also one of the few to claim a close look at the Mothman's face. "It was horrible . . . Like something out of a science fiction movie".


In 2001, when they did the Search for The Mothman Documentary, she was still unable to talk about it. Her husband Keith Aeiker, who was her boyfriend at the time of the sighting, told her story to try and set the record straight.

In the interview he said "I'd like people just to understand that, I'm here to make sure that they don't think shes a kook because shes not, and what she has said shes seen, she has actually seen".

He went on to say "The only thing I have to say is, keep an open mind, because some day it could happen to you, and if you try to tell somebody what are you going to do if they laugh at you, or if they call you a kook, that your imagining or that your trying to cause chaos but it actually did happen. What if and if's a big question."


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