The following is a Point Pleasant Register article from November 17th 1966 titled "City Getting 'The Bird,' Want It Or Not" by John Samsell, Editor of The Register.

Like it or not, Point Pleasant is getting "the bird."

Ever since two young couples sighted a man-sized creature in the McClintic Wildlife Area Tuesday night, ridicule after pun after cute remark has been quoted about "Mason County's Monster" or "bird."

Nevertheless, it was seen again last night by several of the hundred of curious citizens scouting the massive area.

And the same description was given - grey in color, 10-foot wing span, six feet tall, and huge red eyes.

The latest to see the "thing" were Raymond Wamsley, 19, Cathy Wamsley, 18, Marcella Bennett, 21, and Ricky Thomas, 15, according to the Mason County Sheriff's Office.

They told sheriff George Johnson the "huge bird" was in the yard of Ralph Thomas whose home is located northeast of the White Church Road in the TNT area.

The sighting this time was about 10 p.m. Wednesday. They said the bird-like creature came around the car and started at them and then soared away.

Civil Defense and National Guardsmen were patrolling in the area last night along with the sheriff and deputies.

Meanwhile a United Press International dispatch from Doddridge County reported that "something with red-reflecting eyes" was spotted in a meadow on a farm Tuesday night shortly before the owner's expensive German Shepherd dog was lost.

Newell Pa[rtridge], a buildin[g] contractor, was quoted as sa[ying] the three-year-old Sheph[erd dog] "Bandit" went into the [dark]ness after the "thing" and [..] never returned.

This story ties in wit[ness accounts] given yesterday morn[ing.]

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Mothman: The Facts Behind The Legend by Jeff Wamsley (2002) (Page 71)
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