One afternoon in West Virginia, Bluefield, Mercer County on Longview Avenue, while playing with Matchbox cars near a neighbor's tall hedge, "Robert S." had a frightening experience.

"I was sitting there in broad sunny daylight when all of sudden I saw rustling in the hedges. I looked over and out popped what I can only put into words as a gargoyle. It looked at me with solid, pointed black eyes. It had frog-green skin. It faces looked like a frog except it had teeth and ears that I'll never forget for the rest of my life. Its ears flexed outwards like two big green gloves on the side of its head, like the king that the gargoyles in statues has [sic]. Its body was shaped like a bulldog and its webbed feet turned inwards as it walked. Once it saw me. It paused and opened its mouth wide open and hissed. He held it wide open as if to taste the air. I was so scared that I was completely paralyzed. I tried to cry for help, but nothing came out as if someone took the pause button off of me, I fled so fast to my home that I don't even remember the race getting there."

Arriving home, Robert blurted out the story to his mother. She tried to calm him, paging through a Childcraft book of animals, seeking an illustration that would match the creature he had seen. "The closest animal that I could find that looked like what I saw was a koala bear", he later wrote, "but I only picked that animal out because it had similar black pointed eyes".

His mother reassured him that koalas lived far off, in Australia, suggesting that what he'd seen was a dog. he was still haunted by the sighting decades and searched in vain for similar stories.

Strange West Virginia Monsters by Michael Newton
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