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Godzilla2199 Godzilla2199 21 August 2018

Ever seen the mothman and have a photo

This is for sightings

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Mothman Historian Mothman Historian 23 January 2018

WV Haunted Expo 2018 Presentation

I was invited to do a 20 to 25 minute presentation about Mothman at a Haunted Relics Expo in Moundsville WV. It was my first public speaking arrangement. I put together a speech and performed it on stage at the event on January 20th 2018.

The following is the speech (as it was written on my cue cards):

I am Mothman Historian, I'm a West Virginia folklore enthusiast. I'm here to talk about my favorite thing, the Mothman legend of Point Pleasant. It's an important story to know about, especially if you're from West Virginia. It has effected our culture and become a recognizable legend worldwide.

The initial reports of the Mothman in Point Pleasant, West Virginia started in November of 1966 and continued from there until December of 1967. Althou…

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Mothman Historian Mothman Historian 11 November 2017

Into The Mind of John Keel: Episode 1 - Categories

You can freely entertain any idea without accepting it. You can contemplate absurd notions while still remaining grounded and It can be of value to think over these ideas. That is, in a sense, what fiction is. Hypothetical thinking without buying into it as true.

John Keel was an interesting person with fascinating ideas and perspectives. You don't have to agree him to be entertained by the ideas he put forth. John Keel is the author of the Mothman Prophecies as well as other books such as The Eighth Tower and The Complete Guide To Mysterious Beings.

In his books, he would cover strange stories that people had reported and tell of his experiences looking into them. He embraced the absurdity of it all instead of shying away from it. His comme…

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Mothman Historian Mothman Historian 26 September 2017

Returning To The Mothman Festival 2017

  • 1 Returning To The Mothman Festival 2017
    • 1.1 The Kickoff Event Starts
    • 1.2 The Documentary Screening
    • 1.3 Questions And Answers
    • 1.4 Day One Vendors
    • 1.5 Meeting George Dudding
    • 1.6 Day One Guest Speakers
    • 1.7 Night of The TNT Area
    • 1.8 Day Two Vendors
    • 1.9 Guest Speaker Steve Ward
    • 1.10 The Horse Wagons
    • 1.11 Guest Speaker Bill Brock
    • 1.12 More Vendors - Recognized by the artists!?
    • 1.13 My Mothman Coustume / Being The Mothman
  • 2 Conclusion

The moment I'd been waiting all year for had arrived, The Mothman Festival of 2017 would soon begin. This was the second Mothman Festival that I was able to attend and it would be an entire weekend of non-stop celebration of the Mothman folklore.

I officially started my project, The Mothman Wiki in February of 2016, meaning it's now been way over a…

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Mothman Historian Mothman Historian 27 September 2016

Experiencing The Mothman Festival 2016

  • 1 Experiencing The Mothman Festival 2016
    • 1.1 The Festival begins!
    • 1.2 Guest Speaker, Chad Lambert
    • 1.3 Meeting Loren Coleman
    • 1.4 Guest Speaker, Susan Shepard
    • 1.5 Guest Speaker, Rosemary Ellen Guiley
    • 1.6 Meeting Artist Andy Finkle
    • 1.7 More Vendors And The Mothman Diner
    • 1.8 Guest Speaker, Ken Gerhard
    • 1.9 Guest Speaker, Nick Redfern
    • 1.10 Guest Speaker, Loren Coleman
    • 1.11 The Hayride
    • 1.12 The TNT Bus Tour
    • 1.13 Guest Speakers, John and Tim Frick
    • 1.14 Round Table Discussion
    • 1.15 The River Museum
    • 1.16 Conclusion

The Mothman Festival 2016 was the first Mothman Festival I was able to attend. My sister, her boyfriend and I left for the hotel on Friday September 16th. The closest hotel available was in Ohio, roughly thirty minutes away from Point Pleasant. The rest of the hotels were …

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Mothman Historian Mothman Historian 4 September 2016

A Trip To Flatwoods: Home of The Green Monster

  • 1 A Trip To Flatwoods: Home of The Green Monster
    • 1.1 The Old Sign
    • 1.2 The Ceramic Lantern
    • 1.3 The Flatwoods Monster Chairs
    • 1.4 The Painted Billboard
    • 1.5 Finding The Farmland
    • 1.6 Folklore's Impact

On September 2nd 2016, my mother, my father and I visited Flatwoods, West Virginia. The place in which a group of people are said to have sighted the now legendary Flatwoods monster on September 12th 1952.

It happened when two brothers, Edward May (Age 13), Fred May (Age 12) and their friend Tommy Hyer (Age 10) witnessed a bright object cross the sky. The object appeared to come to rest on land belonging to local farmer G. Bailey Fisher. Upon witnessing the object, the boys went to the home of the May brothers and told their mother, Kathleen May.

From there, Mrs.…

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Mothman Historian Mothman Historian 29 August 2016

To Fear The Men In Black

  • 1 To Fear The Men In Black
    • 1.1 Fearing The Mothman
    • 1.2 The Men In Black Movies
    • 1.3 UFO Folklore
    • 1.4 Here Come The Men In Black
    • 1.5 My Phantom Photographer Encounter?
    • 1.6 Fear As Entertainment

There was a black helicopter hovering near my house recently. It was probably the lowest I've ever seen a helicopter, it looked like it was going to land on the house or something, but instead it flew off. The neighborhood people nearby walked out on their porches and gazed on at the spectacle. It wasn't an ordinary occurrence, especially out here.

I'm sure the helicopter was just doing some kind of drill or practice. Tons of people see helicopters circling there houses and it just turns out to be kind of ordinary training that they are doing or whatever. Still, in …

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Mothman Historian Mothman Historian 13 August 2016

The Inter-dimensional Mothman

  • 1 The Inter-dimensional Mothman
    • 1.1 Unknown Animal?
    • 1.2 Rejecting The Extraterrestrial Hypothesis
    • 1.3 John Keel's Windows
    • 1.4 Inter-dimensional Travel
    • 1.5 The Flatwoods Monster
    • 1.6 Indrid Cold
    • 1.7 The Men In Black
    • 1.8 Mothman

If Mothman were actually real, he would have a very unique biology. Based on the details of the witnesses sightings, he would be the size of a 6 or 7ft man yet he have a 10ft wingspan that can somehow carry him. He would have no tail to direct flight yet be able to travel over 100mph. He would have no head, no arms and large glowing or at least reflective red eyes. He would truly be a strange and remarkable being.

I'm a skeptic but I enjoy the Mothman, UFOs and West Virginia Folklore. I like reading these strange sightings. I like the v…

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Mothman Historian Mothman Historian 28 July 2016

WV Bulletin Board of Strangeness

I started The Mothman Wiki on February 10th 2016 after having the idea come to me in a dream. I considered it a good idea, no one else had an entire wiki just devoted to The Mothman and I wanted to share everything I'd learned about the creature through my research of various books and documentaries on the subject.

When I made the wiki, the first sentence I wrote was "The Mothman is an important part of West Virginia Art and Folklore". I wrote this in a way to justify why I was creating the wiki, It was there to tell anyone who stumbled across the page that I wasn't someone who believed in The Mothman's existence but instead someone who appreciates the legend and the stories. When I chose to call myself a "Mothman Historian" it was for a si…

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Mothman Historian Mothman Historian 13 July 2016

Mothman Mythology

Submitted for your approval, A seven foot tall winged humanoid with piercing red eyes that has made its way into the sight and the minds of the citizens of Point Pleasant. In the fall of 1966, the creature known as the Mothman took flight and spread its Wings Over West Virginia.

John Keel was a Fortean. A Fortean is a person who is inspired and influenced by American writer and researcher into anomalous phenomena, Charles Fort. I'm not so sure that I'd be considered a Fortean. I've only read of Charles Fort second hand. If anything I'm a Keelean or Keelist, a disciple of John Keel. I've been greatly inspired by his work ever since I stumbled across a ton of Mothman books in the school library.

Charles Fort once said "One measures a circle, b…

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Mothman Historian Mothman Historian 2 July 2016

Reality Distortion and Windows

Since high-school I've been studying The legend and mythology of The Mothman. I personally don't believe that The Mothman actually exists because I am a skeptically minded person and I cannot except sightings and anecdotal evidence as fact, only folklore. Mothman is an un-falsifiable hypothesis meaning that it cannot be proven nor dis-proven. As far as I know its not even really biologically possible but yet it still interests me.

In my mind, there is no "Supernatural" because everything that exists in the universe is natural and If it was not natural then it would not exist. However, not all things that exist are considered ordinary or normal so therefore they are "Paranormal". I think that if Mothman existed he would be paranormal. Normal…

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Mothman Historian Mothman Historian 17 May 2016

My Introduction To The Mothman

I first found out about MothMan in late Middle School while taking the semester performance test known as 'The West Test' which no longer even exists. They got rid of it in favor of another similar test done on computers with a different name. One of the English questions involved reading an article about The Scarberry and Mallette MothMan sighting and then answering questions. It even featured a photo of Bob Roach's MothMan Statue.

Growing up in West Virginia as a fan of Horror Movies and monsters, I was amazed that something like this had been said to have happened in my state. I was excited that we had our own mascot, our own monster and that the design was so cool. There is something to be said about flying creatures, a certain primal f…

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Mothman Historian Mothman Historian 9 April 2016

A Trip To Point Pleasant

  • 1 A Trip To Point Pleasant
    • 1.1 The Mothman Museum
    • 1.2 My Chat With Jeff Wamsley
    • 1.3 The TNT Area

On April 3rd 2016, I was finally able to journey to the sacred hollowed grounds of the legendary Point Pleasant. The place where History merges with Mystery. My Sister, her boyfriend and I traveled to see The Mothman Museum.

When spent about two hours in there, looking through the small Museum, reading tons of stuff. I basically recorded the entire building with my camera while I was there. There were three rows of news paper clippings to read, props and stuff from the Mothman Prophecies movie.

There were two Mothman costumes serving as statues. There were long posters with information on them on things like "Who is Mary Hyre?" or "Who is John Keel?".


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