On the night of March 5th 1967, two workers in the local Red Cross Bloodmobile in Point Pleasant were chased by something in the sky. The van was being driven 21-year-old Beau Shertzer who was accompanied by a nurse. Their van was loaded with fresh blood and they were heading south on Route 2 along the Ohio river.

First they sensed it then they looked out the windows and looked up. A large glowing object hovered over the Bloodmobile and lowered two long arm-like projections, one on either side of the vehicle. They saw the two "claw like things" descending.

The driver became alarmed and accelerated but the object remained with the vehicle and the arms appeared to be trying to pick up the whole Bloodmobile. Some traffic approached from the opposite direction and when the headlights appeared the object withdrew the arms and flew away.

The people in the Bloodmobile were able to drive away and escape. The nurse and the driver were hysterical when they reached Huntington, West Virginia. The incident was later mentioned on a radio newscast.


John Keel

John Keel talked with the driver's father who was a school teacher in Point Pleasant. The father seemed convinced that his son was telling the truth and said that he now refuses to drive along that highway even in the daylight.

In the "Search for the Mothman" documentary, John Keel told of this sighting. The narration made it seem as if it was a sighting of Mothman or a bird creature with claws even though Keel didn't say that in the interview clips. Later in a 2015 episode of "Monsters and Mysteries in America", they told of the sighting complete with visuals of a UFO and metal extending claws.

John Keel's Special Report on Incidents in Ohio and West Virginia
The "Search For The Mothman" Documentary
Monsters and Mysteries in America Season 3 Episode 10 The John Keel Files (2015) 
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