The old Abandoned Power Plant In The TNT Area

At around 9:00PM on the night of Wednesday December 7th 1966, John Keel and Mary Hyre went to The TNT Area with a group of around five people.

Inside of the old abandoned Power plant, John Keel looked around with his flashlight. He wanted to try to experience seeing whatever this creature was that was looming in the town of Point Pleasant.

He climbed the catwalks in the building, walked around but saw nothing. Suddenly, when they were about to leave, one of the girls in the group turned around, saw something, and immediately became frantic.

She had witnessed the glowing red eyes of The Mothman in the back of the factory. They ran out of the building, the group was at a panicked state. They were trying to encourage John to leave but he went back in to investigate by himself just to see if he could see anything that would reflect red from his flashlight.

This was the closest he'd gotten to the creature and he wanted to see things for himself. As soon as he walked over the space where the girl had seen the creature, he had an immediate feeling of fear overwhelm him that he could not explain.

The group on the outside of the factory then heard a loud metallic noise and saw a humanoid figure that disappeared before Keel left the factory building. After she had heard the sound, one of the ladies ears began bleeding. John Keel thought that this may have been caused by some sort of change in pressure.

John Keel never actually managed to get a glimpse of The Mothman for himself. Its unclear if Mary Hyre saw the figure, but the rest of the people that went out searching with them certainly got their chance to see and hear what may have been The legendary Mothman.

Monsters and Mysteries in America Season 3 Episode 10 The John Keel Files (2015)
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