The following is an Evening Star article from Tuesday, July 22nd 1952 entitled "A.P. Man Sights Object In Sky; Now He's A Saucer Believer".

A.P. Man Sights Object In Sky; Now He's A Saucer Believer

By Saul Pett

Associated Press Staff Writer

RIVER EDGE, N. J., July 22. - I saw a flying saucer myself Saturday midnight about the same time some unidentified objects were picked up on radar over Washington.

From now on, you can't convince me there is no such animal. And after 12 years as a newspaperman - almost six of them with the Associated Press in New York - I don't jump to conclusions.

It was like this:

I was sitting on my back porch alone. The night was clear and star-lit, unkissed by the wind.

Idly, I saw a tiny orange ball draw into view from the northwest. At first I thought it was a plane.

One Constant Light.

Then, as it drew closer, so distant still that it appeared to be about the size a quarter. I had two thoughts that hit me with quite an impact.

Planes have two light that flicker on and off. This object had only one constant light.

Planes make noise. This object was silent as death. Though my neighborhood-seven miles from New York- is very quiet, I couldn't hear a sound from above.

Later, when a plane did come by, I could see its lights distinctly-and they looked much different from the other lights. Its engines were very audible.

The object flew to the southeast. I saw it for about a minute to a minute and a half.

I called my wife. She watched it and thought it looked like a Japanese lantern.

Rust-Like Color.

To me it looked like a sphere, so deeply orange colored that it appeared almost the shade of rust. It seemed to have depth.

Could it have been a shooting star or a meteor?

Well, they sort of shoot down and fade away. But not this thing - it's intense glow stayed constant. It didn't get lost.

Could it have been the reflection of a searchlight on a cloud? The sky was cloudless. Furthermore, the object left no trail of light as a beam would have done.

And it was moving too fast and too evenly to be a balloon.

I wasn't frightened at all, because the thing looked so peaceful and so serene. There wasn't any appearance of menace.

7-22-52 Evening Star

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