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The following is a list of 26 first hand sightings of The Mothman that were submitted and displayed publicly on the Mothmanlives website. These are unconfirmed and unofficial witness testimonies from the internet. The text is left exactly how it was originally written, these have not been edited:

1. Lisa, Arkansas, December 2007

"I am a 33 year old business professional, living in Arkansas.  I am writing to report something that my boyfriend and I saw while traveling southeast on highway 63 around 10:30 PM on December 12, 2007.  It was raining and visibility was difficult on this particular night.  We travel this highway at least twice a week and have never noticed anything unusual before.  We had just crossed the overpass and rounded a sharp turn.  After merging onto highway 63, we had to pass under the particular bridge/overpass we had just driven over a minute prior.  I was in the passenger seat and out of the corner of my eye i saw a tall dark figure of a man in a semi-crouching position on the bridge and as i focused on it,the figure rose and stood, I glanced over to my left to see my boyfriend leaning forward to look upward as we passed under the bridge.  I asked "Did you see that?"  to which he replied "Yes, what was it?"  It appeared to be about 7 foot tall at least.  Neither of us saw anyone on the bridge/overpass when we had crossed it, or any vehicles parked on or near the bridge/overpass.  Looking back from the other side I could see nothing.  It was raining rather hard and there was only a minimal amount of lighting coming from the gas station in the distance. When I returned alone around 12:00 AM I drove out of my way to see if I could see if possibly a new sign had been placed there or If there had been a "jumper" or anything out of the ordinary and did not see anything unusual nor did I hear of anything happening that night.  I'm not sure what it was, but after a few minutes my boyfriend asked me to stop speaking about it.  I didn't see any wings but had an eerie feeling about the whole experience.  I am not sure if there have ever been any mothman sightings in the area but didn't tell anyone of what we had both seen as we live in a rural area where emphasis on education is minimal and intelligent conversation is scarce.  Any insight or information? Lisa"

2. M

"I sent you a "sighting " on the Ohio River two weeks ago off a ridge  outside

of Wellsburg, W. Va. on Rt. 2, that leads to the river The "bird"  or

whatever it was.  was huge, certainly not any natural type of wildlife  in this are,

nor was it a hang-glider of any sort. It disappeared into the  trees out of

sight as it descended toward the river. As I noted before, it was  in broad

daylight between 2:30 and 3:00 two Saturdays ago. I'd appreciate it if  you would

note my sighting.  Also, please don't email back.  If My  husband sees it

he'll think I'm losing it.  He doesn't have much interest  in any of this stuff.

Thanks for looking for my previous mailing, which I sent  when the event was

very fresh and clear in my memory.    M."

3. Lone Wolf, Arkansas

"Hello There,  I am sure you probably get thousands of emails about strange happenings and bizarre events, but I have something for you too. I haven't heard of "Moth Man" until today as

resulting in the experience of what happened to me last night/early this morning. I was referred to look on the internet to find something from friends at work who I solely trusted with this that would not think that I was crazy or loosing my mind. When I got home from work, I talked to a friend that's like a brother to me and he also agreed for me to research the net. To start off with, I live in a small town, Jessieville, Arkansas. It's just outside of Hot Springs Village, Arkansas. My name is Charles D. Black, part Native American, I go by "Lone Wolf". This is what happened to me last night/early this morning:  I live in a very small camper. Last night wasn't any different than any other night. There are 2 Belgium Mules and 2 ponies with about 6 horses that freely roam this 64 acre property. I leave to go to work around 4 a.m. so I go to bed about 6 or 7 p.m. Sometimes in the night, I hear the roaming of the animals here along with them once in a while of scratching themselves by rubbing their bodies on the camper. Nothing strange about that. About a week ago, I changed the sleeping position of myself due to the headlights shinning thru the camper from my brother's daughter's car from when she gets home from work. Last night, I was really restless more than usual.There were a lot more noises outside around the camper than usual. There was also like something was pounding on the camper in the middle of the night. I remember waking up due to a light that was very bright coming thru the window. For a moment I that it was my brothers daughter coming home, but then, I realized, the window without a curtain is facing the wooded part of the property. I was awake then. It wasn't an ordinary type of light. It was very intense and

had an orange glow to it, almost light a setting sun. I looked out the window, but I couldn't see anything. I had the sense that someone or something was watching me. Being that I am of myself and believing that there is a logical explanation for everything, I just rolled over and went back to sleep, or should I say, I tried. I felt the camper move like something was pushing on it, thought it was just a mule or a horse. Then there was pounding on the camper again. I have an electric heater in the camper and remember awakening to be very cold and the sense that I wasn't alone. I opened my eyes and thought I saw a large black shadow looking at me for a few seconds. It was gone. I breathed very deeply for a few moments and seen my breath condensate's in the air. It was extremely cold on the camper for a couple of minutes. I looked at the clock and seen it was time for me to go to work. I got up, changed and checked the door to make sure it was still locked of which it was. I went out to my van and started it, turned on the lights and noticed that there was feed buckets on the ground. I picked them up and put them in the back of my brothers truck. I drove out, opened and closed the gate and then preceded to drive to work. I usually have about a 45 minute drive to work. I remember going thru and S curve and seen a white plastic bag in the a tree on the right side of the road. For some reason, it caught my attention. Just after I turned my head, all of a sudden, I seen a swarm or about a hundred or so like birds, bats, moths, I don't really know, it happened

so fast, coming right down the middle of the road. I cranked the steering wheel hard to the left and tried to avoid as much contact as I could with whatever they were. I remember hearing thuds off my van and seeing things bounce off my windshield and the front of my van. It was like they all had these small bright red eyes or something, they were like tracing flashes off my van. Strange and bizarre, yes indeed. It was around 4:15 a.m. in the dark. No birds are flying at that time. It's winter here and the bats are dormant it's too cold for insects right now. I just know that they looked like bats to be the closet thing that I can think of. I never stopped and kept on driving to work. When I got to work, I left the lights on and got out and checked for any damages. There was nothing there. A work friend came over and asked me if I hit a deer or something. I was still a little shaken up and kept faith of telling him what happened. I still had the sense that something was watching me and kept looking over my shoulder all day long. My friend from work told me about Moth Man and said I should watch the movie and check the net out to see if anything compares to what happened to me. He also told me let him know what goes on for the next couple of days. Boy, that was something really nice to hear, thinking that I was done with this ordeal. All thru my work day, I tried to make sense of any of this and couldn't. I finished out my day at work and drove back home. I even stopped where I seen that plastic bag in the tree and looked all over for something and

couldn't find anything. I got home and told my brother and he told me to call my mom. My mother is dying from cancer and only has about a month or so to live. I called my mother and she was doing about as good as she can for her condition right now. Even as I write to you now, I still have this feeling that something is watching me. I have checked the net out and somethings are kind of the same, but a little different. Also, the buckets that I put in the truck this morning, were on the porch and the gate to the yard for my brothers house was opened and his stud colt was out loose and as we know, no one put the buckets on the porch. It was also said that sometime during the time that I left for work and the time that everyone else got up here, there was knocking on the front door of my brothers house. I know I picked up those buckets and put them in the bed of the truck and the yard gate was closed, I seen the colt watching me the whole time, the yard gate was closed. Can you make any sense of this ???? Thank you for your time, help and cooperation.  Thank you again, Lone Wolf.........

Don't pick lemons."

4. Nate J, May 2012

"My girlfriend and I witnessed a unexplained object or creature on the roof of building in Mattapan square in May of 2012.

We work for her dads security company and in May we had the night shift at construction site on blue hill ave. I had been sitting in her car and we just got into a argument so I decided to get in my own van to get away from her for a wile. As I was surfing the web on my cell phone, I noticed

something moving on the roof of the building next to the job site. As I look up I see a fairly large shadowy figure walking or gliding along the roof top. As I am peering out my widow at it, it stops and turns towards our cars.

The best way I can describe it is that it looked almost

identical to the sketch the teenagers drew after the 1st sighting of the Mothman in Point Pleasant. It had what looked to be large feathery wings and 2 almond golden eyes. I know that its not the typical Mothman description but I don't know what else it could have been.

After about 3-5 min of it sitting there it ran jumped off the roof, flying in the air towards Quincy and Braintree.

I watched it fly for about 5 min before it was out of sight. The object or creature flew in odd patterns, dipping and flying side to side, but not in a straight line.

The only way I saw it was that it was illuminated in a golden bright light. I couldn't tell if it was the moons reflection of it of of it was generating its own

light but I only got a look at it in the dark.

I hear stories of UFO, big foot, ghosts, and demons, and ask myself can they all be real or maybe just some. I believe that we have only just scratched the surface of reality, and the truth is sometimes stranger than fiction.

-Nate J"

5. 2002 San Franciso

"This was in 2002. I was driving a tour bus with 5 sleeping band mates at

about 3:oo am. Going to San Francisco , about two hours out on the 5

freeway, there were no cars on the road and out of no where this giant

white humanoid bird creature at least six to eight feet large swooped down

and filled my wind shield scaring me half to death, I don't know how I

didn't hit this creature, or what it was. It made me wonder if there is

other sightings along that stretch of the 5. I also wonder if I was going

to fall asleep and crash and the adrenaline i got from this encounter is

what kept me awake for the final drive and saving us. i told my brother

about this at the time and he recently saw that movie and immediately told

me about the mothman phenomenon. Bizarre stuff"

6. Serenity, West Virginia, November 2006

"Hey Jeff! I hope you are doing well!

Don't know if you remember me, you probably would if you saw a pic...anyway, I know I've told you about my (and my son's) sighting from 2006 when I spoke with you at the museum, but

I never submitted it to be included on the page...assuming you still have time to update said page :) In case you are still adding to, here's my story: Thursday the 2nd Nov. 2006, my son and I were heading to Ravenswood (not too far from Point Pleasant).

It was just before 5 PM and it was starting to become dusk. On my side of the road, I saw a extremely tall human-like figure literally jump/float straight up from the ground to the top of the trees. There are no houses near there, just trees and some empty land behind. I felt no fear, just a feeling of “Wow, what the hell was that thing?” I mentioned it to my son a couple of minutes

later when we neared town but did not tell him exactly where I had seen it. He told me he had seen it as well, but we both had stayed silent because of some other weird things that had been happening lately at our home...we were spooked enough as it was.

I had not stopped to turn around because I was in a hurry to get

somewhere before a certain time. On our way home, maybe 75-100 ft further down the road from the original site, both my son and I saw the figure again. He was moving upward in the branches of the trees. Yesterday (Friday Nov 3 2006) right before dark, my son saw it again, outside near a small patch of woods. My son noted red eyes during this second sighting.

After some research, I knew what we had seen was Mothman.

* Serenity *"

7. Oklahoma

"Now before i start i would like to say I have never seen the movie and if this didn't happen to me i probably wouldn't believe it was true my search based upon what i saw has lead me to this website.  I would like to keep

this a short story so here it goes...

About 3 years ago I saw this human like figure with wings like a bat perched on up on a light post on a dirt road just outside the city limits the only reason why i noticed it was because the light was in front of a stop sign. My buddy Doug was in the car and pointed it out to me we must have studied it for about 5 mins I was so scared i could barely move the first thing that was running through my mind was the movie Jeepers Creepers!! My palms were sweaty and my hands could hardly move without shaking and i could see it starring at us just as much as we were him.

Eventually i mustard up enough courage to turn at the stop sign as soon as i did i noticed its head turned are direction so i floored the gas pedal out of panic looking back out of my mirror i noticed it took flight i did not stop going till i got back into town. I thought that was the end of it but a couple of weeks ago, down that same road without having any other sightings i hit something with my car or more like something hit me (i still have the dent to prove it) It was fogy outside so my first instinct was omg i must have hit a cow or something but all i saw it was black about 7 foot tall and it was up standing upright! Now if i lived anywhere were else i would say i hit a black bear or something like that but i live in Oklahoma we don't have bears here and it was slender humanoid like. I got out of my car inspected the dent and made sure i didn't hit anyone but i didn't see anything, no human or animal anywhere, so i go to get back in my car and what do i see behind me they same creature hunched over on the same light post starring at me almost like it was toying with me...."

8. Rafael, February 15 2008

"Hello my name is Rafael,

And I have witnessed the Mothman, or something close to it due to many

different stories.

Ever since I can remember, I have seen many different things in my life.

As a child to my age now.

I am 23 years of age and I can never forget the things I have seen.

Some speak of us being crazy but their are those that have their own

shared experience.

I was born in Georgia but now live in Florida.

There has been several encounters with this "creature."

It's just recent that I've become so more influenced to dig for more


I will share my memorable encounter.

It was night, around 9:45( or close to it)p.m.February 15 2008

I had just got back from Florida from a visit.

I was making my way down the abbeville highway to Eastman ,Ga.

This road is very isolated. Few houses down the road and it stretches a

good 15 miles or so.

Woods and darkness at night, also full of sharp curves.

As I made my way down the road, maybe like 4 to 5 miles before getting to

Eastman, I got to this sharp curve when I saw it standing there. Tall,

bold, dark, red eyes( getting chills from the thought coming to mind.)

All I could do is stare at it cause I know what I saw.

I didn't stop cause I just wanted to get home.

As I got close it sprung up as it opened its large wings like a demon from


After that my breathing got a little out of control from the experience.

Mixture of fear and that rush of wanting to get home.

I couldn't shake the thought off.

I finally got to Eastman and the feeling locked in my spine.

I called my mother to see if she was home. She tells me they are at my

oldest sister's house for dinner. My family has the tendency of talking

after dinner so we end up staying for hours. So from town to my sisters

it's a good 12 minutes for so.

Still the thought in minded and the urge to get where my family is.

Well before getting to my sister's house. There is a four way stop sign so

I made it past that and finally got to my sister's place. They asked how

was the trip and so on.

Well I was there not to long. I wanted to go home and sleep cause it was a

really long drive and the encounter was still making me a little jumpy. I

told them my good byes and made my way. Well again before making my way to

the four stop sign. There it was again..

Signing on that stop sign as if it was waiting for me.

The rush came about and I froze. With my high beams on I could see it

perfectly. Crouched down on the sign, bold and black as night, but it's

always them red piercing eyes that freezes you at sight. Before I could

move it was gone. Straight up into the night. I did nothing but made a

u-turn and went straight back to my sisters.

And told them what had happen.

During my time of sightings.

I've seen ghost and even something close to demon.

Heard noises and them unwanted presences.

But my encounter to which I can refer to the Mothman. Is by far the most


Another thing that comes to my attention is the story of the owl man. They

share the image but both bring a terrifying image and what follows it. An


It's been great to share this story. Hope you enjoy.

Thank you."

9. New York

"Hi there,

So about 6 months ago I was camping in what's called maple valley state

forest in upstate new York. It's about 800 acres of nothing. In found a

fairly fresh cut logged grassy trail and drove My buddy and I about 1/4

mile into the forest until it dead ended. There was a section of large

pine trees there and we set up camp. Well let me tell you, the night

became very interesting at about 12-1 am. First off I should say that we

did know there were barred owls out.. We saw them as well as heard

them...and we know what eye shine is and looks like. I've been camping for

years. So I turn around to prepare some food and my says, "what the hell

is that?!".  When I turned back around a large bright red "dot" was

descending from the tree tops and coming ever so closer to us. We did nit

dare take our eyes off it as it settled behind a tree about 50/75 feet

away from our camp.  Ow when I tell you it was pitch black I mean you

couldn't see your hand in front of your face unless you were standing

RIGHT next to the very tiny almost burnt out fire we had going. So I

walked about 10 ft over to peer into the trees to get a better look at

this thing... And all of a sudden a pair of very large, bright, GLOWING

red eyes peered out right back at us! I swear to you I have NEVER seen

eyes this red before. Now the thing is, if we had seen this "thing" for a

few seconds I would still be second guessing myself... BUT whatever it was

continued to stare back at us for no less than a full 5 minutes. no, we

were not drunk and no we were not high... This HAPPENED! What's even

stranger is, we had heard an owl make a very odd guttural sound, as if

choked or dying, about 15 minutes before this. In addition the forest was

SILENT after it. I mean nit a peep. No crickets, no deer, no more owl. And

then the eyes appeared. And when I say it peered from behind the tree, I

mean it would watch us, WITHOUT blinking, then slowly creep behind the

tree... Then peer out again a few seconds later. To this day I kick myself

for not walking into the darkness to get a close up look at whatever this

was. But in that 5 minutes, I sure as he'll not moving from my spot. I

have contacted a new York paranormal research group about this incident,

and will hopefully be making an excursion to the same spot in the spring

to do a full investigation... My friend and I know what we saw, and it was

nothing "naturally" known, I can tell you that with 100% certainty. The

eyes were a few inches across, ENTIRELY red, unblinking, an were equally

bright and completely unwavering whether we shone a light at it or if it

was PITCH black. it was most certainly not any normal eye shine... Perhaps

the strangest thing of all, was that we didn't even see a body or

silhouette when we directed a flashlight in it's direction. Has anyone

else seen the mothman in the upstate New York region forests? I'm very

curious to know."

10. Illinois, February 2012

"I know you probably get many false info on Mothman every year. I never knew

of Mothman until days after my wreck in Hoffman Estates, Illinois. If

interested let me know, my cell*** *** ***** .Briefly on my way to work

in February 2012 at appr 1:30am I had a figure come out of the sky and

strike my car in the front. After telling my friends and Co workers about

my wreck that didn't disable my car I was informed of Mothman. I believe we

met that night due to all similarity's in my wreck. Paul is my name, and I

see no humor in what proceeded to happen afterwards. I look forward to

hearing from you"

11. Mike, Illinois, 1985

"Here is my story. In 1985, when I was a young teenager, I encountered a creature while I was in the back yard of my parents home in Cicero, IL. It was between 9:00 and 10:00 at night.

I was pondering my life, as teenagers are known to do, as I was sitting motionless on the side of a large shed in the middle of the yard.

As a sort of coping mechanism to deal with the stress of life, I had taught myself to meditate using a couple of different techniques. On this occasion though, I went much deeper into the meditation then I had ever done before. So deep in fact that I had not even noticed that it had started to rain lightly. It was not the rain that snapped me out of my trance though.

I suddenly had an overwhelming feeling that I can not explain. I did not hear a voice or any sound, but something very compelling MADE ME snap out of the meditation and open my eyes.

What I saw is something that has burned itself into my memory and haunted me to this day.

There was something very large standing in the alley looking directly at me. I do not know how it knew I was there, since there were 2 fences between myself and the creature, coupled with the fact that I was sitting in some deep shadows in the dark of night. There was a wooden fence with horizontal boards running perpendicular to where I was sitting. This fence had gaps between the boards of about 8 to 10 inches. It saw me, and I saw it through that gap. The other fence was a chain link fence that actually was the border between my neighbor's yard and the alley. That Thing that I saw was a few feet behind that fence, about 50 feet from my location. There is no way it could know I was there. My mind tried to make sense of what I was seeing, but I could not. I was completely paralyzed and could not move. It was much taller than the 4 foot chain link fence. I wish that I could describe the huge black creature in detail, but I can not. I was completely transfixed on one aspect of the creature, the intensely burning red eyes. I wanted to get up and run, but I was unable to do so. Time seemed to stand still as we stared at each other for an undetermined amount of time. So frightened was I that I do not know if it was 30 seconds or 5 minutes had passed, Finally I was able to move, and move I did. I practically flew into my house. I told no one what I saw until I got to college a few years later. I NEVER made the connection with what I saw and the "Mothman Prophecies" movie, until I had actually seen the movie. My wife and I rented the movie a while back, and I had no idea what the movie was even about. As I watched though, the realization hit me hard and fast. It was as if someone hit me in the head with a sledge hammer! I now knew what it was that I saw. The red eyes were a dead giveaway. I believe that the creature was drawn to me because of the extremely deep trance that I was in. It somehow sensed a human mind that to it was in an unusual state. I firmly believe this, I know it to be true. I just wanted to share my story with all of you. Thanks, Mike"

12. Seth, Virginia

"my name is Seth, and I have encountered the Mothman. I watched the movie about five years ago. So you can't tell me it was my imagination. I was recently in Chesapeake, Virginia. And my cousins have a big toy room, and that is where I slept, along with my sister, and my other two cousins. That night, I woke up and looked straight up. I saw something moving out the window, I didn't bother to look out it but then I saw a Red light come through the window. I saw something move again, and I got up to look outside, I then saw my father pulling the car out the drive way, with the back end towards me and the brake lights were on, (It was about 6:00 in the morning, my dad gets up around 4:00, so I wasn't surprised.) But when I turned back around, a stick came crashing to the roof. (There is a cluster of trees outside the playroom window.) I looked back out the window again, and saw something fly of into another cluster of trees, in the neighbors yard, and then jump from tree to tree. That was it for that day. The next day we went to Northumberland, Pennsylvania. It snowed, and when my other cousins, my sister, and I went out side, I felt like someone was watching me the entire time. When we played Hide and Go Seek, I heard a noise behind me (about 50 feet, still close enough to hear), and looked around to see what it was. But all I saw was two big red things. When I really focused, I saw that the Red things were moving. It then went up into the trees all the way down the road. I really didn't put much thought to it. My whole family went to Wal-Mart to get odd's and end's things before my parents went to New York for a wedding they were going to. And what did I find but a whole case of DVD's on sale, and I found the Mothman Prophocies, since it was cheap, my parents bought it for me, and I watched it. I really didn't take it to heart. We then went to my Grandmother's house in Powhatan, Virginia. There wasn't anything out of the ordinary there. But we then went back to my original cousin's house, things got really weird, and you have to understand that this is really weird, and I am not the type to imagine things. When I came back to my cousin's house, we went to sleep, and I flipped over, I heard squeaking, sharp noises, and I looked up to see a dark shadow type thing in the corner. I blew it off, thinking it was just a sound, and it was just a roll of carpet (my cousin's got new carpeting put in the day after I left their house the first time, and they had a roll in the corner) When I got up, there was nothing in the corner I saw the shadow like thing in. Scared the blazes out of me."

13. Joe, Colorado, November 2004

"Hello. My name is Joe and I live in Colorado. On about November of 2004, I was traveling down a road south of Denver to my home. I have driven this road many times however the turn I take is hard to spot without the 4-way stop sign's help. On this particular night the sign was gone for one reason or another and I missed my turn. I traveled down a long, winding dirt road for many miles in the wrong direction. Once I realized I was lost, I looked for a place to turn around. While I was looking I saw movement out of the corner of my eye. I looked off to the right side of my truck and I saw a very large creature on top of a large gate post who methodically turned, looked at me, and with one large flap of it's wings, it was gone. This creature's stature was very similar to that of the monster in Jeepers Creepers or an angel. It had large wings that were over 5 feet long each (approx. 13 feet total wingspan), was a black or possibly brown color, was about 7-8 feet tall and had the body of a very large human. I drove home puzzled and confused, trying to make sense of what I had seen. Within the next month, I had a similar experience where I missed a turn on a road I travel daily and was headed the same direction that I was headed the first time I had seen the creature (south). I have seen the creature on several other occasions including catching a glimpse of the tail end of it swoop within inches of my windshield after looking up from changing the radio station, seeing it jump from tree to tree in a lightly wooded Forrest, glimpsing it jump 30-40 feet strait up and fly away (a passenger in my car also witnessed this) and hearing odd, shrill shrieks on many occasions. I am not the only one to see this however. My brother who lives nearby and a local resident of the area report seeing "something with large, birdlike wings" that "could not have possibly been any normal native bird species. I won't lie, this thing scares the hell out of me and I prefer to never be in it's company again"

14. Joe, Maryland

"I recently bought the mothman movie which made me research the whole thing. What you described happening to you in your childhood happened to me when I was a child on numerous occasions. I lived however in Maryland. It involved me seeing a shadowed figure always in the corner of my room which I shared with my brother. My brother would never see this figure. I would see it and instantly be paralyzed for what seemed like forever. I would then slide off my bed onto the middle of my floor, almost levitate, which was carpet and lay there for a while until after some time had passed i would be able to get up and feel my way to my bed where I would cover my face with the covers. the entire experiences have a lasting effect even to this day and I am 22 years old and no longer afraid of the dark. I too used to call him the boogie man, "the man", or monster. I have told this story to many people and NOBODY has had anything remotely close happen to them like this. The laughter, the figure, the everything you've explained happened to me. The only thing I don't remember are the red eyes. But the rest is identical. It seems to me that it is too coincidental to have more than one person have the same thing happen to them when they were children. I have also felt like it chose me because after all my brother slept literally six feet from my twin bed. I don't understand and never will and really don't even know why I decided to write this letter. It seems stupid but weird all at the same time. Anyway I felt compelled to write it and I have done that so I won't was anymore of your time. SAL In addition i've taken a picture of one of my paintings, I've attached it to this email and would be honored if you added to the artwork section of your site. The mothman has become a small side hobby of mine, and I was wondering if you could put me in contact with any of the other people who have seen it. I'm interested in finding out if any of them have had other strange events happen to them as well (like missing time, nightmares, or psychic pheromone). The more I pull the strings of what happened to me when I was younger the more it unravels into something that appears most unappetizing. Thanks for putting forth such a convincing site and connecting people to a very rare and strange occurrence. sincerely, joe"

15. Nikk, West Virginia, 2001

"MY name is Nikk i have seen him several times he is 8ft tall the first time i seen him was in camp conley on roush ferral rd,i had just moved there one night about 12:00 at night it was just me and boyfriend and my daughter well some thing told me to look out the window i got up and i saw a man dress in black and wings went out to the side of him ,i told my boyfriend get up and when he got up he took off ,This all is in Point Pleasant WV the Second time was in Letart WV on Radical Lanes we had just moved in the house in 2001 the only one at the house was me,my 2 new born daughters and was pregnant with my son after i got the baby to bed a heard a weird noise out side some thing told me to look out and i did i saw the Moth Man he was 8 ft tall did not look like a human he stared at me about 5 min i was so afraid i did not know what to do i seen red glowing eyes , so it put me in a stage i started to scream i told him to leave me alone ,what are you doing here in Point Pleasant WV and then i start to read the Bible when i started to read the Bible about 1 hr reading it he was gone.I had the police out there they could not find any thing. then i moved in 2002 to Huff Run LN i have not seen him out here yet but in the Movie the Moth Man Prophecies movie they film some thing out here, well i told my self ok well i have not yet seen him out here yet i have woods in front and behind of my trailer. My friends say if you look at the Moth Man eyes for so long they said that he will come and get you that what they told me, I believe in him he is True is Real and i just like to know to every one out there this is true what i seen i have not told no one about this this is to afraid to tell any one , from Nikk."

16. Ohio, 2003

"It happened in the fall of 2003 Columbus,Ohio in the trails .Me and two of my good friends were back in the trails (forest).The sun was setting and it was starting to get dark. As we were walking I that that I herd something behind us.  So I turned around and then I saw him. He was gray and had eyes like the devil. Then my friends turned around and screamed. Then he rose about six feet off the ground and then he swooped down at us and just about knocked our heads off. Then we screamed and took off down the trail. But as he was chasing us he was making a horrible screeching sound. It was ringing throughout the forest. The screech was so loud my friend Jim almost past out. So Jim, Jennie, and I made the decision to jump in the creek to get away from the Mothman. And our plan worked. After we jumped in, the Mothman disappeared. But still to this day the screech that we heard, the creature that we saw,we will never forget it. This is not a joke, this really happened."

17. Anonymous Eyewitnesss, Ohio, 2003

"To Whom It May Concern, If you decide to post this on your website, I wish to remain anonymous but still give my account of my sighting, I am a former resident of the city of Toronto, Ohio (located along the Ohio River, half hour north of Wheeling WV) To what I can say is a sighting of the mothman in the summer/fall season of 2003. I was on a joy ride through the countryside, traveling on a township road outside of town. It was around 2:00AM where I came along a creature standing near the right side of the road. The creature was as tall (or taller) than a normal human male, with a white/gray complexion and the signature red eyes. The creature stood on its hind legs in a biped form and crouched down as my headlights came upon it. I slowed down my vehicle because I thought it was a man for the early part of the time I saw it. I took a couple of seconds to observe what it was. When I slowly edged my car closer to the creature to get a better picture of it, it took off towards the woods in a way that a spooked dog or deer would run from a predator. The only objection to whether it was the mothman was the fact that I did not see any wings or flying features, but to be honest, I didn’t get a good enough view of it because I was in a fear/panic/awestruck sensation. I kept the sighting to myself for fear of ridicule. A month or two afterwards, several of the local kids were telling a story of a creature in the woods outside of town. They would only see it at night and it was tall, pale in appearance and had the "red glowing eyes". A former co-worker told me a story of finding a large number of "dead dogs" found all arranged in a pile nearby that location. The area that the sighting occurred had a series of strange occurrences (vehicle accidents, flooding, wildfires, missing pets, occult urban legends, etc). The reason I am writing this is because the sighting was so realistic and every once in a while, I'll still have a flashback or a nightmare about the sighting. - an anonymous eyewitness"

18. Mr. Capslock, 1982


19. Kymberly, West Virginia, July 2003

hello my name is kymberly and around july of 2003, my husband and step daughter and her husband were returning from olive hill kentucky . Once on the interstate we noticed a light that wer first thought that was a spot light but after about 35 miles it kept getting closer to the car , then it started to swoop down toward the car then back up to the sky ,it was like a dark grey smokey appearence with wings about 5 to 6 ft. wide almost like a huge bird but we werent really scared just amazed by it until we realized that we had made a 1 hour and 45 minute trip in about 35 or 40 minutes. the scariest thing was that we did'nt realize that we were driving at speeds of 90 miles an hour when we looked at the speedometer and the worse thing of all is 6 months to the day of our trip Erick which is my ex-step daughters husband was killed in a car crash at the same exact spot of the interstate that we started at.This thing followed us until the 5th st exit on interstate 64 in huntington, West Va.

20. MB, 1967 and 1987

"In 1967, in some woods in Southwestern Pa. Friends and I were hanging out on a cool late September or early October day. A huge shadow appeared above me and I looked up. It was a huge bird like body with a very well defined man face. It looked me in the eyes and stood still for 5 seconds. It was about 10 feet above me, I screamed and jumped into my car and called the others to get the hell out of there. In 1987 on lonely 95 coming up from Florida it passed me and scratched my car. I've never seen anything go so fast. I'm not crazy. I work as a registered nurse in a huge icu unit. This is all true and I do not wish to ever see this again. I remain afraid of it's intent. mb"

21. Ohio, 1972

Hello, I was born in canton, ohio in 1972. I saw what I believe the mothman twice in my life. Once when I was 12, and another time when i was 16. The first sighting was when i was lying in bed, and got progressively more scared and frantic. Looking up I saw a see-thru creature with burning red eyes in my doorway. I was unable to scream and was terrified. It was basically tendrils of black material, like smoke, with red eyes. The creature hovered for a minute, laughed at me with a very deep man-like voice in what seemed like an echo and then disappeared. I remember not being able to move for what seemed the longest time after that. The second time was a very similar encounter when i lived in Ravenna, Oh. Both encounters involved paralysis for what seemed atleast an hour. I eventually would get my strength back and ended up crawling on the floor to my mothers room. When i grew up, I looked up the subject and came across the psychological condition of night terrors. (where a subject is awake but actually sees where they are dreaming). My sophomore year of college in Akron University, i decided to do a series of paintings about it called the willies. I drew 8 panels of me lying in my bed, seeing the creature and then a shot of me with one red eye. I got a bed and put it in the middle of the gallery, and printed a introduction to the subject of a bedsheet stating i wasn't sure if i met the boogeyman when i was a child, or if these experiences were night terrors. A fellow student came to me at the opening and explained the exact same thing happened to her as a child. With the same charateristics of burning red eyes, paralysis, and the feeling that something was sorta implanted into me.....or the creature was somehow taking a chunk out of me, mentally. Doing this art show was a way to get the whole experience out of me, and i didn't think about again until the movie "mothman prophecies" came out. I actually saw the movie with two of my good friends and coming out of it, we all thought there was too many concidences between the events. -red eyes -paralysis -the locations of ohio right next to west virginia -the timeframe between the events of the movie and the events of my life (late 70's) -I did produce the series of paintings before the movie came out. Although i never attritubuted a moth like appearance to this i child i did believe it was the boogieman. Happy I moved to the west coast and have no further experiences. I do have the paintings that i did in college. I could take some pict and mail them to you, if you think you would like to put my sighting or the paintings up on thx for your time, I actually put off sending like this letter for about a couple years now.



22. Tyler S, Santa Fe, 1999 and 2000

"I was going to Santa Fe,NM to pick up my friend to go back to SD. I spent about a week in Santa Fe and i toured all around there. There was a place there that looked like a cemetary at night but it was actually monument with sculptures. My friend and I including a girl that he knew went to visit at night they were highly intoxicated and i hadnt had a drop. I seen these to red eyes off in the distance only about 15 feet from me and i went blank for a few minutes then yelled at them look and we all started running back to the car. It stood up and vanished I froze while sitting in the car and we took off. This isnt the end though. I was leaving with him we madit all the way to Wyoming in the town of Lusk. He had just turned 21 at midnight so I said lets go to the bar and have a drink to celebrate. I had one he had four. We were driving down the road and a red light went through my window. The car electrical system went crazy and my radio shut off and my heater went to ice cold my friend woke up instantly after passin out and asked me what all the red lights were about. He looked out his window and seen something that freaked him out and told me to floor it but my car wouldnt start. It took three minutes and by that time the car started whatever it was vanished and my mind went crazy thinking of what it was. It happened in the year 1999-2000. Tyler S. From this day on I am scared to look in my mirrors after watching the movie mothman."

23. Nova Scotia

"Hello, My friend and I was driving down a dirt road after midnight and she said we should go back and I agreed as we felt a weird darkness. As I backed up on the narrow dirt road with no homes in sight, I looked into the mirror on the door and seen the most scarest thing I have ever seen. If I stood next to him he would be inches above my knees. It was a man...broad shoulders, wearing a black robe. He didnt have anything below the waist. His whole body was black.....I can almost see his face but not really. He was smiling at me in the worst way...almost hungry or like he is going to murder me by eatting me to death. His eyes .......were RED and he never blinked and there was no reflective glare from it....just a STEADY Bright red beaty eyes...STARING/Glaring at me. I couldnt look away from him and my car started to back up on the dirt road on the hill with out my help. My wheel was steering as well with out my help. I just couldn't stop looking into his eyes as my car back in towards him. Before it was too late.....I was able to somehow slam on the break......and straighten my car. My friend and I never said a word for about 5 minutes and she looked at me and said, "I felt something really bad back there.....You saw him didnt you?" I said, "SAw who.....what did you tell me first and I will tell you what I saw!" She said, "I saw nothing but I felt him......and you saw him." This was located in Truro Nova Scotia.....Lower Queen St.....past a bridge........! I know the area...but HELL if I will ever go back. What the hell was it? do you have an idea? mamie"

24. February 2004, Lebanon

"To whom it may concern. Im afraid to write this. what i saw cannot be explained. i live in Lebanon in the middle east, and had a very normal life until one day when i was in my house in the mountains having a ciggarette i saw the weirdest thing. this thing was nothing human, he was big, really big and sitting in a tree looking down. i was shivering, i didnt know what to do. i stared at it for like 2 minutes until it looked at me and i started running back to the house. it had big wings and untill this day i cannot forget his eyes starring at me. i can barley go out of the house anymore, since february 2004 ive been sitting home alot more scared at what i saw. it didnt seem harmfull but it was like it saw through me. i cried when i was back home. i never knew what a mothman was untill i did alot of research on what i saw. then i saw this website which showed me that alot of people have seen this thing before. all the sightings was in the US, how could i have saw it. i still shiver when i speak about it. im always scared and i cannot be left alone anymore. i hope this info helps people believe, cause i really feel they should know there is something out there, and its real its very real. Thank you."

25. Washington D.C, 1997

hello.. Summer of 1997 I was on vacation touring the eastern

seaboard. One of my hotel stays included a hotel in the Wash D.C

metro area.

Now I've had some interesting metaphysical experiences during my life

but nothing quite like the on I'm about to describe...

so I was sleeping with my girlfriend in this hotel room. I suddenly

felt like I was being lifted out of my body. The force was

magnetic. I felt a feeling of terror and confusion. As I was

hovering(out of my body) this thing spoke to me. It was at least 8-9

feet tall black magnetic red eyes and a crackling voice, it said

so many things to me. But the main thing I remember was that it knew

my full name. and it said "your scared". I was so petrified during

the experience I had panic disorder for about 5 years after the

incident also during incident. Something about the eyes really

got to me after I awoke. It felt like something had been inside of

me. Also I had a burning twitch in my right eye. Almost like an

uncontrollable muscle spasm. My life has been changed forever. Ever

since the incident I often have clairvoyant visions and have an

ability to watch peoples thoughts while i'm sleeping. The main reason

i'm writing to u is because about 9 months ago I had saw the Mothman

Prophecies movie. I was at a friends house and as I was watching the

movie it hit me and I said "that was the thing" watching the movie was

a petrifying experiences because it brought back memories of my

experience in 97. so to anyone who would disbelieve the whole mothman

thing I would have to let them know that mothmen or mothman is a real

phenomena. Any questions, contact me


26. The Generic DarkAngel Sighter

"Generic DarkAngel sighter

i was the victim of some abuse as a child, nothing extreemely severe, but still things

that should not have been done.

i grew up somewhat normally, sometimes a little off... but mostly one of the gang.

popular in high school, where we all teased each other with the urban legends of monsters

and ghosts when we got drunk during the first few weeks of summer vacation. later, i

didnt attend university, but went to community college. i did well in some courses and

start to begin a steady job. my significant other and i were enjoying each other in the

car out in the woods on a dirt road. the farthest thing on our minds at the time were


then we saw it. not far from a pond down the road, it was staring at us, the red eyes

brilliantly lit. it lifted up and we became scared. staring back at it in frozen wonder

or terror, i really dont know which. the eyes seemed to be down in its shoulders, no

other facial features, just those burning red eyes. then shadowy wings rose up,  like a

bat, it raised straight up, and then came at the car in flight. we scrambed and got the

car started, driving out of there like this bat out of hell that was after us, managing

to stay on the dirt path while it was right on the top of the roof of the car, its wings

beating the roof as it squealed loudly. we raced on, the thing falling behind and gaining

over and over, its squaking and burning red eyes flashing in the windows as it flapped

its wings widly. well we lost it. the only one who believed us were some old timers that

confided in us secretly, while the rest of our small town called us names and liars and

crazy..but those who saw it in thier yards, or had been chased or attacked by it told us

thier story, very much like ours. sometimes something more evil had happened, crimes they

had tried to hide, or a town drunk that had turned up missing after a prank, when this

thing showed up. indian legends and frontier tales called this thing a cursed demon or a

vengeful ghost. some people say that it is the devil itself, haunting forgotten graves

from ancient times. or a harbinger of disaster, like some wayward eternal prophet, lost

in the mixture of bad dreams of truth, and helpless to change fate, but trying as if

cursed to warn simply by dwelling in the area of a horror yet to come.

i know what i saw,...and i will not back down on my word about this until the day i die,

because its real, i was there, and so was that thing."