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On Saturday September 21st and Sunday September 22nd 2019, The 18th Annual Mothman Festival was held in Point Pleasant, West Virginia.

Kick-off Event:

On September 20th 2019, a movie screening event was held by Small Town Monsters to officially begin the festival.

Guest Speakers:

Saturday, September 21st

  • 11am           Brent Raynes (Researcher & Author of John Keel Biography)
  • 12pm           Dave Spinks (Investigator & Author of "WV Bigfoot" and "Real WV Hauntings")
  • 1pm             Brian Seech (Author & Researcher, founder of CUE & CCS)
  • 2pm             Tribute to Rosemary Guiley (Various speakers)
  • 3pm             David Bakara (Expedition Bigfoot founder)
  • 4pm             Andrew Smith (Flatwoods Monster Museum curator)
  • 5pm             Jeff Thomas (Georgia Bigfoot Investigator)
  • 6pm             Greg & Dana Newkirk (Traveling Museum of the Paranormal)
  • 7pm             Dan Bell (Free screening of Creeps & Monsters-The Fouke Monster)

Sunday, September 22nd

  • 12pm          Eleanor Haskin (Folklorist-PHD Indiana University)
  • 1pm            Steve Ward & Joey Madia (Authors & Paranormal Investigators)
  • 2pm            Zach Bales (Area 51 Investigator)


LIVE bands and entertainment on the riverfront main stage!

Saturday, September 21st

  • 12pm             Mothman Festival Costume Contest
  • 2pm               Riverside Cloggers
  • 3pm               Peddlers Glory
  • 5pm               Jesse Crawford Band
  • 7pm               TBA

Sunday, September 22nd

  • 12pm             Society's Ugly Son (Fish Fisher)
  • 2pm               Ultrasound   
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