On September 19th and September 20th of 2015, the 14th annual Mothman Festival was held on main street in downtown Point Pleasant. The town's population nearly doubled with visitors from across the country and around the world arriving for the festival.

The festival was officially on Saturday and Sunday with kick starter events on Friday, including a free screening of the “Eyes of Mothman” documentary at 8 p.m. at the historic State Theater and the Miss Mothman Pageants starting at 7 p.m. Friday at the Trinity Christian Community Center.


The festival events began at 8 a.m. Saturday with the Mothman 5K walk/run in front of the Mothman Museum, followed by the festival officially opening at 10 a.m. with some opening remarks in the area of the museum/Gunn Park where the Mothman Statue sits. The 2015 festival was dedicated to the statue’s creator, the late Bob Roach, who had recently passed away that month.

As Mothman festival organizers have pointed out, the festival isn’t just about Mothman, it’s about celebrating what Point Pleasant and Mason County have to offer and including local businesses and destinations. One of those destinations is the West Virginia State Farm Museum where the TNT hayrides originate, which takes the festival from one end of Point Pleasant to well past the other end.


New to the festival that year was be horse-drawn wagon rides touring downtown Point Pleasant. Tickets and information for this could be found at the information booth in front of the Mothman Statue.

The Mothman costume, created the previous year by the man who designed Marshall University’s Marco mascot, wandered the festival with the Men In Black. Festival organizers referred to him as a “special crypto friend.”

Another new addition in 2015 was a fleet of Ecto 1 vehicles and a 30-foot tall “Stay Puft” marshmallow man brought by old friends the Ghostbusters from both the West Virginia and Columbus, Ohio divisions. The Men In Black will also had their own official Ford LTD Crown Victoria, as seen in the “Men In Black” movie at the festival.


Two well-known visitors also be arrived for the festival and they are Hillbilly Hot Dogs, which unveiled its new specialty Mothman Dog and Banjo Man (Neil James) from the TV show “Call of the Wildman.” Banjo Man did a meet-and-greet with fans of the show.

Other Events

Returning favorites to the festival were hay rides of TNT, bus tours of the TNT area, TNT area fly overs and tram rides through Point Pleasant. Tickets could be purchased for the hay rides, bus tours and tram rides in front of the Mothman statue on the days of the festival or booked in advance online. Tickets do go fast for these events and often sell out prior to the festival, though some seats remain at this time. The flyers were offered by, and at, the Mason County Airport north of Point Pleasant.

Also returning was, Hillbilly Ziplining on Main Street; the Grumpy Peddlers located in front of the Mothman Museum with their rare vintage motorbikes; the Mystery Machine; and Jody Rife bringing her unique face painting, including Mothman designs for the festival. Also open for business, Harris Steakhouse, the official Mothman diner, the Mothman Museum which celebrated its second festival in its new location near the Mothman Statue and the Lowe Hotel which offered haunted tours of the historic structure with tour schedules posted at the hotel. 

In addition, several other downtown businesses and restaurants opened for business with unique Mothman souvenirs and food items. Also welcoming visitors was the US Navy Poster Museum and the Point Pleasant River Museum and Learning Center. There was also unique vendors selling everything from books on Mothman to T-shirts with Bigfoot and more, as well as a unique array of food vendors, all weekend long.

At 11 a.m on Saturday, there was a Miss Mothman Children’s Pageant at Riverfront Park. Then at Noon, there was Mothman Bicycle Numbers Run to benefit Point Pleasant Bike Trail, registration was at 11 a.m. near the corner of 6th Street and Main Street. All bicycles were welcome, even those with motors as were children and families though young children must be accompanied by an adult.

Also at Noon and 3 p.m River City Cloggers were on Main Street. At 8 p.m. on Saturday, there was a free screening of the “Mothman Prophecies” movie at the State Theater.


Free musical performances were offered in the amphitheater at Point Pleasant Riverfront Park. The schedule of bands for Saturday was as follows:

  • 3 p.m - "Swamp Jeuce"
  • 4:30 p.m - "5:42"
  • 6 p.m - "Creek Don’t Rise"
  • 7:30 p.m - "Two River Junction"
  • 8 p.m - the Mothman Band performs at the Mothman Hayride at the W.Va. State Farm Museum.
  • 9 p.m - "Blue Z Band"

Sunday’s bands at Riverfront Park:

  • Noon - "Stephanie and The Mark IV"
  • 1:30 p.m - "Stillwater"
  • 3 p.m - "Moonshine Crossing"


Admission was free to hear all guest speakers. The schedule of speakers at the State Theater for Saturday was as follows:

  • 11 a.m - Chad Lambert
  • noon - Stan Gordon
  • 1 p.m - Susan Sheppard
  • 2 p.m - Rosemary Ellen Gulley
  • 3 p.m - Ken Gerhard
  • 4 p.m - Bill Brock
  • 5 p.m - Fred Saluga
  • 6 p.m - Lyle Blackburn
  • 7 p.m - Joedy Cook

The schedule of speakers at the State Theater for Sunday was as follows:

  • 11 a.m - Round table discussion
  • 1 p.m - Neal Parks; 2 p.m. Sharon Shull and Dottie Campbell
  • 3 p.m - John Frick
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