On Sunday September 17th and Saturday September 18th 2011, the 10th annual Mothman Festival took place downtown at Point Pleasant. The event was a celebration of the Mothman sightings in 1966-1967. It was also a celebration of the festivals 10th anniversary. The Mothman Festival has created a new tourism industry in the small West Virginia Ohio River community, after the movie came out in 2002.


Activities included guest speakers, live music, food, Mothman 5K Run on Main Street at 7:30am, a downtown tram tour of Point Pleasant, the mystery machine, TNT hayrides and Mothman bus tours. Also, Line Dancing on Main Street at 11:00am, Karaoke with DJ Scott on Post Office steps, Rock Wall Climbing with WV National Guard, Men In Black Dunking Booth, Rodders Club of classic cars, Miss Mothman Pageant, Mothman Pancakes and a meet up with Mothman Witnesses Tom Ury, Faye DetWitt and Lawrence Gray at 1:00pm 3:00pm.


On Saturday The festival had screenings of the documentary "Eyes of the Mothman" with Director Matt Pellowski at 6pm and “Mothman Prophecies” at 9pm located at the State Theater in downtown Point Pleasant.

A new addition to the Mothman Festival was the Star Wars Re-Enacters which was a full re-enactment of the popular science fiction series.


TNT Hayride Information

One of the highlights of the Mothman Festival is the eerie hayride for all ages through the TNT area. The hayride started on Saturday September 18th around 8pm on the grounds of the West Virginia Farm Museum that are located just outside the TNT area, adjacent to the Mason County Fairgrounds. Tickets were $5 for adults and $3 for kids under 10 years of age.

Tickets were sold at the Mothman Festival Information kiosk, located at the Mothman Statue beginning on Saturday morning at the kickoff of the festival. The TNT area was left "as is" and was virtually been unchanged in the 40 years since the events of the Mothman.


Guest Speakers:

The guest speaker forum was held at the historic State Theater on Main Street with a panel of authors, writers, experts, and investigators.

Saturday, September 17th

  • 10:00am - Chad Lambert - Creator, Mothman Comics
  • 11:00am - Joe Clark - "Commonwealth Paranormal"
  • 12:00pm - Alvin Caviness - UFO Investigator, Caviness Report
  • 1:00pm - Andy Colvin - Author, Mothman Photographer
  • 2:00pm - Susan Shephard - Author
  • 3:00pm - Rosemary Guiley - Author/Investigator
  • 4:00pm - Tom Ury - Mothman Eyewitness

Sunday, September 18th

  • 1:00pm - Jeff Wamsley - Mothman 101  
  • 2:00pm - Susanna Holstein - WV Ghost Legends  
  • 3:00pm - Unknown  


Local talent performing live music at The River Stage.

Saturday, September 17th

  • 2:00pm Hillbilly Carnival
  • 3:30pm 40 lb. Snapper
  • 5:00pm Jesse Crawford Band
  • 6:30pm Packin’ Up
  • 8:00pm Valley Road
  • 9:30pm Blue Z Band

Sunday, September 18th

  • 1:00pm - "Parry Casto"
  • 2:00pm - "Soul of the Machine"
  • 3:00pm - Unknown
  • 8:00pm - "The Mothman Band" at Farm Museum Stage