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The American troops in Vietnam read about the Scarberry and Mallette Mothman sighting on Saturday, November 19th 1966 when it was printed in the Pacific Stars And Stripes Newspaper Vol. 22, No 322. The following is that article:

POINT PLEASANT, W.Va. (UPI) - Two Point Pleasant couples told police Wednesday their car was followed about midnight by a "birdlike creature" 6 to 7 feet tall with red eyes and a 10-foot wingspan.

Steve Mallette and Roger Scarberry and their wives told Mason County sheriff's deputies they were riding near the McClintic Wildlife Reserve when they first encountered "the thing."

Mallette said it was large, measuring as much as 7 feet, was grey in color with eyes two inch in diameter. He said the eyes "glowed red" when the car headlights were put on them near an abandoned power plant.

Then, Mallette said, the "thing" took off, [making] a flapping noise, and traveled at high speeds, "at about 100 miles an hour," Mallette added, "it was a clumsy runner."

Scarberry said, "If I'd seen it only be myself, I wouldn't have said anything about it, but there were four of us who saw it."

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