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The following is a Charleston Gazette article from Friday November 18th 1966 titled "'Flying Man' Seen Here, Man Claims"

A Kanawha Countian said Thursday that he saw a "flying man" similar to that reported Wednesday by residents of Mason County:

Kenneth Duncan of Blue Creek said he saw something that "looked like a brown human being" Saturday in a wooded area at Reamer near Clendenin.

"It was gliding through the trees and was in sight for about a minute," Duncan recalled.

At the time, he said, he and four other men were digging the grave of his father-in-law, Homer Smith of Blue Creek, who was buried Sunday.

The object disappeared before others in the group saw it, Duncan said. Others were Robert (Bob) Lovejoy of Allen, Mich., formerly of Campbells Creek, William (Bill) Poole of Allen, Mich., Andrew Godby of Blue Creek and Emil Gibson of Quincy.

Mason County residents reported seing the "flying man" at night. They described him as being 6 feet tall with a 10-foot wingspan.

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Mothman behind the red eyes by Jeff Wamsley (Page 31)